Peter Grant’s Ferrari 246 Dino GTS Hits the Auction Block

In an extraordinary blend of automotive excellence and rock ‘n’ roll legacy, Car & Classic announces an upcoming auction that is set to stir the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors alike. A 1973 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS, once owned by Led Zeppelin’s formidable manager Peter Grant, is poised to make waves as it goes under the digital hammer this week. This isn’t merely a classic car auction; it’s an opportunity to own a piece of music history.

A Rare Gem: The Ferrari 246 Dino GTS

Crafted with Italian finesse, the Ferrari 246 Dino GTS in question is a marvel of engineering and design. As one of only 235 right-hand drive models distributed in the UK from 1972 to 1974, its scarcity amplifies its allure. Distinguished by its non-standard, non-metallic ‘Rosso Bordeaux’ exterior and complemented by brown leather VM846 (‘Marrone’) upholstery, this Dino stands out as one of only 114 ordered in this unique colour specification. Owned by Peter Grant for nearly three years, the car is not just a relic of automotive heritage but a testament to the lavish lifestyle of rock ‘n’ roll royalty.

Peter Grant: The Man Behind the Band

Peter Grant’s management of Led Zeppelin is legendary, steering the band through the zenith of their career with unmatched zeal and determination. His tenure with this Ferrari 246 Dino GTS adds a layer of intrigue and desirability, connecting the vehicle directly to the epoch of rock excess and artistic prowess. Grant’s original logbook and a trove of photos accompany the car, alongside a meticulously curated history file that includes original correspondence with the Ferrari factory, painting a vivid picture of its provenance.

The Auction: A Symphony of History and Craftsmanship

Scheduled from 22 February to 29 February, the auction is a beacon for collectors and enthusiasts, promising a chance to acquire not just a car but a narrative woven through the fabric of rock ‘n’ roll history. With an estimated sale price between £275,000 and £350,000 and a 0 per cent buyer’s fee, the auction presents an unprecedented opportunity to invest in a piece of Led Zeppelin’s storied legacy, encapsulated in a meticulously maintained Ferrari Dino.

An Investment in History

This Ferrari 246 Dino GTS is more than an automobile; it’s a bridge to an era defined by musical innovation and cultural revolution. With its rich lineage, documented maintenance, and connection to Peter Grant, the car stands as a monument to the fusion of automotive and musical artistry. As it enters the Car & Classic auction, potential buyers are not just bidding on a vehicle; they’re vying for a chapter of history, a testament to the era of rock excess and the craftsmanship of Ferrari.

This auction represents a unique convergence of worlds, where the legacy of Led Zeppelin and the timeless appeal of Ferrari meet. For those poised to bid, it’s a chance to own a piece of history, a narrative of rock ‘n’ roll grandeur and automotive excellence, forever intertwined.

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