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Richard Hammond’s Morgan Aeromax is For Sale

For those Top Gear fans amoung us,  you may remember Richard Hammond’s very unique purchase several years ago.  Hammond was lucky enough to purchase a Morgan Aeromax, one of only 100 ever made . The Aeromax like all other Morgan’s are carefully crafted, by skilled craftsman, out of wood. Using wood to produce cars creates an interesting driving experience as it allows a flex in the chassis, making Morgans very different from most other sports car.

Take a look at Motor Verso’s walk-through tour of the Morgan factory.

Currently in Australia

The car is currently in Australia and if you are even thinking of purchasing it, don’t forget that Hammond did have an accident with it a few years ago, and he isn’t known for having small car accidents remember!

Valued around £165,000

The 2008 Morgan Aeromax is worth around £165,000, this particular car has had 2 owners, Richard Hammond (2008-2011) and now Chris Vermeulen (Superbike Racer). Only 100 Aeromax’s were ever produced, 24 were right hand drive, and only 6 were manual like this one.

Pushing 367BHP

The Aeromax has a 4.8L BMW V8 engine, and stressed brown leather interior. Believed to be one of only 2 Aeromax’s in Australia, this actual car was featured in “Top Gear Supercars World’s Fastest Cars” hard cover book in 2010 and it looks to be in excellent, as new, condition.

Full details of the sale can be found at

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