Road Angel Pure Review – The Best Speed Awareness Device

The feeling of getting behind the wheel of a car and driving off is one of freedom and liberation. However, sometimes we can get carried away with this sense of freedom and start enjoying ourselves a bit too much.

This leads to speeding that can result in speeding tickets, fines, points on your licence or worse, an accident and all the pain and hurt that comes along with it. The government’s response to this is the use of more and more speed cameras and variable speed limits.

This can cause you to inadvertently incur heavy fines just because you weren’t aware of the speed limit in effect on a particular road at a particular time. The Road Angel Pure is the answer to your prayers.

Road Angel Pure Review on Dashboard Attachment

I fixed it to the Audi R8 from our project and went on a long drive on a variety of roads. I wanted to see how effective this device was in keeping me aware of speed cameras and speed limits, so that I was always driving at a speed that was safe and well within the limits prescribed by the government. Here is what I found out:

Road Angel Pure Carry Bag

Road Angel Pure First Impressions

Fixing the Road Angel Pure to the Audi R8 was pretty straightforward and will be equally simple irrespective of the make and model car you own.

Testing Road Angel Pure in the Audi R8

I will discuss the installation in detail in a bit. I had hardly set off when the device immediately won me over.

It strikes the perfect balance between being unobtrusive and being able to provide the necessary information you need in a legible and clear manner.

It also does not look or feel flimsy, which can be a big distraction. It is perfect because you can instal it and forget about it – it only needs your attention when you have to be given important information.

Road Angel Pure size comparison

How The Road Angel Pure It Work?

Road Angel Pure uses a combination of GPS, a comprehensive database of UK roads, laser detection, and live data to always keep you informed about speed cameras, mobile cameras, average speed cameras, blackspot hazards, red lights, schools, congestion zones, unguarded railway crossings, camera vans, live camera vans, and laser gun speed monitors that are close by. It is very comprehensive.

Road Angel Pure Review with orange bezel

It uses a screen and a small speaker that gives you both visual and audio cues. These alert you if you are driving too fast well in advance of actually passing the speed trap, allowing you to slow down and avoid trouble and unwanted incidents. Finally, it does not look out of place in the Audi R8, which means that it will probably look good in most cars out there.

Road Angel Pure display screen

Is the Road Angel Pure Effective And Useful?

Even though there are many such devices on the market, this is one of the very few that actually works instead of being an annoying gimmick. Some work but are too distracting and can actually reduce your safety.

The Road Angel Pure is one of those rare products that manage to combine efficiency with a minimalistic design and an interface that actually works.

Its use of neat visual cues to warn you when you go over the speed limit (the screen turns red) is incredibly helpful and informative without the need for you to take your eyes off the road. The audio alerts are equally effective and when you have both of them working, it is very difficult to commit a speed violation without being fully aware. Which is all we can ask of it.

Road Angel Pure dashboard mount

Controlling the device is pretty straightforward. There are only two buttons and accessing a certain screen or changing a setting on the go is quite easy. It can be done safely even when driving, provided you have familiarised yourself with the device, which will not take long.

Road Angel Pure speed limit screen

A Look At The Accompanying App And Connectivity Options:

All of these features are great but you might not need all of them all of the time. You can configure the device quite easily, so that it only alerts you to the features that you want or need.

Having the ability to do this would be useless if it was unnecessarily complicated. Thankfully, the device can be completely configured using an app that is available in the Play Store and the App Store.

The app itself is quite intuitive. It connects to the device over wifi and you can change everything from the data that is shown on the screen to the alerts that you receive.

You can also change the sound used for the different alarms. It can also be connected over USB to a Windows or Mac computer for the same purpose. The firmware could also be updated in the same way. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to use the device here.


How To Instal Road Angel Pure?

Installing this device is quite simple. It comes with its own mount that has an adhesive pad underneath it. Remove the protective sticker and stick the mount onto a level surface and somewhere that is easy to see, hear, and access. The mount has a micro USB port that can be connected with the cable supplied in the box to the car’s cigarette lighter. The top of the mount is magnetic and all you have to do is place the device on it.

Alternatively, an additional windscreen mount is available from Road Angel if the dash mount isn’t best suited for your car.
Mount Road Angel Pure

How To charge Road Angel Pure?

It is charged via the car’s cigarette lighter using the cable supplied with the device. The cable is a good length allowing you to neatly organise it out of the car. The device also has a built-in battery allowing you to complete a few journies without charging it.

How Much Is Road Angel Pure Subscription?

You get the choice of six subscriptions. Three come under the Live Data subscription which gives you access to the UK-wide Alerts database and Road Speed Library. You can also go for the Smart Motorways add-on that gives you access to real-time live data including variable speed limits. Here is a breakdown of these subscription offers.

Live Data

12 Months: £99.99
24 Months: £189.99
36 Months: £249.99

Live Data + Smart Motorways

12 Months: £149.99
24 Months: £279.99
36 Months: £379.99

If you want a reliable and easy way of staying within the safe speed limits then the Road Angel Pure is perfect for you.

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