Dacia Spring

The New Dacia Spring: Europe’s Most Budget-Friendly Electric Car

A Fresh Start for Electric Driving

In a bold move to make electric cars more accessible to the masses, Dacia has launched the all-new Dacia Spring, claiming the title of the most affordable new all-electric car in Europe. This latest offering is not just any electric vehicle (EV); it’s a game-changer for those looking to make the switch to cleaner, greener driving without breaking the bank.

For the first time, the Spring will come in a right-hand-drive version, catering specifically to the UK market. With an exterior and interior design overhaul, the Spring is more appealing than ever, boasting the best loading capacity in its segment and a plethora of smart features designed to make life easier.

Design and Tech: A Leap Forward

Dacia’s commitment to redefining essential car features shines through in the Spring’s design. Taking cues from the latest generation Duster, the Spring sports a new, robust look. Its interior has seen a complete makeover, offering a digital dashboard with a 7-inch instrument display and a central 10-inch multimedia display, setting new standards for the segment.

The Spring’s design is both solid and smart, featuring a modern, pared-back silhouette that exudes strength. LED daytime running lights and parking lights integrate seamlessly into the car’s new identity, marked by two striking black bands that run from front to rear.

Dacia Spring

Practicality Meets Innovation

The all-new Spring isn’t just about looks; it’s incredibly practical too. With an impressive boot capacity of 308 litres, expanding to 1,004 litres with the rear seats down, it offers unparalleled storage for its class. Innovative YouClip accessory mounts and a range of smart, practical accessories ensure that every inch of space is utilized effectively.

On the tech front, the Spring makes no compromises. The digital dashboard provides all essential information at a glance, while higher trims enjoy the Media Nav Live system with a 10-inch touchscreen for navigation and entertainment.

Dacia’s commitment to safety and convenience is evident in the addition of new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), enhancing the driving experience and ensuring peace of mind.

Efficiency and Affordability: A Winning Combo

At its core, the all-new Spring is about making electric mobility accessible. Its 65 hp electric motor is not only powerful but also efficient, boasting low energy consumption. With a compact 26.8 kWh battery, the Spring offers a range of over 137 miles, catering perfectly to the average daily commute of 23 miles.

Pre-ordering in the UK starts on 12 March 2024, a date eagerly awaited by many who have already expressed their interest in this groundbreaking vehicle. With its compelling blend of design, technology, practicality, and affordability, the Spring is set to continue Dacia’s legacy of providing high-value, low-cost motoring solutions.

Dacia Spring

Embracing a Greener Future

The all-new Spring represents a significant step towards sustainable mobility. Awarded a 5-star rating by Green NCAP for its energy efficiency and low carbon footprint, it’s not just an affordable electric vehicle; it’s a testament to Dacia’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

As Dacia opens a new chapter with the launch of the Spring in the UK, it’s clear that the future of driving is electric. The all-new Spring is more than just a car; it’s a movement towards cleaner, more sustainable mobility for all. With its combination of affordability, efficiency, and practicality, the Spring is poised to lead the charge in the electric vehicle revolution.

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