The Nissan Ariya EV Goes To The North (& South) Pole

Electric vehicles, in their infancy, have more than a few flaws that will need sorting out as time goes on by. Among their biggest downsides is the very battery packs that provide power to the motors that propel them. You’ll surely know how this goes… Anytime it’s a tiny bit cold outside (let alone during the winter season), your total EV range tanks faster than the Titanic.

Nonetheless, things are changing rapidly. With newer battery management technology and its ever-evolving chemistry, these would soon become issues of the past. And just to showcase the robustness of EVs when put to their paces, Nissan is sending its Ariya SUVs on their most arduous journey yet… To the North Pole, and then head all the way back down to the South Pole.

Going From Pole-To-Pole In An EV

In total, this Pole-to-Pole expedition will cover a distance of 17,000 miles. Not just that, they aren’t easy-going miles either, trekking some of the harshest terrains that Earth has to offer. In so doing, it’ll set a benchmark for how electric cars can perform in a worst-case scenario. Thus, Nissan made changes to ensure that the Ariya could survive the chilly winters ahead.

Mainly, the expeditionary Ariya SUVs are fitted with arctic-ready suspension and beefy 39-inch tyres. And, the brave team piloting the Ariyas will bring along portable wind turbines and solar panels. But… That’s about it. Nissan intentionally kept modifications to a minimum, to see how well an EV can cope in these conditions. If it survives, they’ll have quite a story to tell.

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