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Top 5 Car Security Upgrades You Should Have

Buying security upgrades can provide you peace of mind about the security of your car and its contents. Being one of the most valuable investments, you don’t want to discover that your vehicle has been stolen one day. To save yourself from all the worries, here are the top five security upgrades that you should have for your car.

1) Car alarm system

Having a car alarm system is essential to protect your vehicle from potential loss or damage. A car alarm is a device with one or more sensors attached to a siren. The sensors include motion detectors, switches, and pressure sensors, whereas a siren is installed to make several sounds when it detects a possible threat.

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Below are the benefits of getting a car alarm system:

  • Reduces the chance of your car to become a thief’s target.
  • Sends a message to criminals that someone can notice their activities once they try to break in.
  • Become a cost-efficient way to protect your car.
  • Lowers the insurance premium of your vehicle when it’s fitted with a car alarm system.

If you want to install the best car alarm system, along with a motion control application like a gearbox to your vehicle, read this explanation to learn more information.

2) Keyless entry system

Another worthwhile security upgrade that your car should have is the keyless entry system. It’s an electronically-operated lock that regulates access to a vehicle without the use of a mechanical key. Here are a few advantages to installing a keyless entry system on your car:

  • Provides security as it’s considered as a harder lock mechanism to break in than traditional keys. All you need to do is to press a button on your keychain, and the car will unlock your vehicle.
  • Offers convenience especially when your hands are full. With this security upgrade, you don’t need to get your keys out to open the door.
  • Allows you to unlock the door quickly during dangerous places and situations. When there’s an attack by a stranger, having a keyless entry system doesn’t require you to shuffle through your keys. As a result, you can get inside the car before the stranger attacks you.

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3) Immobilizer system

You can also ensure the safety of your vehicle if you have an immobilizer system installed in it. It’s a security device designed for automobiles to prevent engines from working unless a designated car key is there. If you want to have an immobilizer for your vehicle, here are benefits to consider from the very beginning:

  • Enables you to manipulate the functionality of your car, making it stationary until you change it.
  • Serves as a secure way to spot thieves when they hammer the ignition using a screwdriver to force it to start.

4) Backup battery kit

It’s a significant security upgrade that any automobile should have. Everything, including the security of your car, has something to do with the backup battery kit. In the event a thief will try to steal your car and silence the siren, you’ll be left with no security system to protect your vehicle. That said, having a backup battery kit can really be beneficial because from the moment the main battery will be disconnected, the backup battery will be responsible for providing power for your car’s security system to work. Through this, you can rest knowing that your vehicle is fully protected.

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5) GPS location tracker    

Highway theft and carjacking are still prevalent nowadays. If you’re the kind of driver who travels on the highway most of the time, then you should equip your vehicle with a GPS (Global Positioning System) location tracker to improve your security. It’s an electronic device that allows you to find and retrieve your car quickly when it’s stolen. Here are the top benefits of using GPS tracker for your vehicle:

  • Remains to be entirely undetectable, which means that the thief, for instance, will never know that you monitor their activities and location.
  • Provides an effortless execution, which means it doesn’t need much technical knowledge to navigate it.
  • Considered as a decent security upgrade for cars, especially in cases of carjacking and highway theft. You can use it without worrying about its reliability because the software is licensed and certified.


Technology advancements nowadays have made it easier for you to protect your vehicle to the fullest. With the security upgrades mentioned above, you can rest assured that all your road trips are safe and secure. More importantly, the peace of mind these car security features typically give will always be worth the money you’ll spend.

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    The problem I have with the car tracker is that unfortunately new car thieves can disable this system. Can we have a solution for this?

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