Makkina Triumph TR25 Concept Sports Car

Triumph TR25 Concept: A Love Letter to British Motoring Heritage

A Journey Back in Time: Rekindling Triumph’s Spirit

Makkina, the esteemed automotive design house, turned heads today with the introduction of its groundbreaking Triumph TR25 concept car. A sparkling celebration of the quintessential British roadster, the unveiling marks a significant milestone for Makkina – their 25th anniversary.

With the TR25, they journey a century back, to reawaken the Triumph narrative with a respectful nod to the legendary ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2, MVC575.

TR25: An Electric Tribute to the ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2

While paying tribute to the automotive past, the TR25 boldly ventures into the future. Powered by the electric BMW i3S powertrain, this design is a modern, audacious interpretation of the ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2.

The characteristics that made MVC575 a standout car – from the distinctive dual-headlights to the sleek aerodynamic exterior and driver-focused cabin – all echo in the TR25.

Makkina Triumph TR25 Concept Sports Car

Balancing Old and New: Iconic Design Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the all-electric BMW i3S as a platform, Makkina brings a near 50-50 weight distribution to the TR25, enabling it to handle curves like a true sports car. The low centre of gravity and compact dimensions of the i3S lay the perfect foundation for the TR25 to write the next chapter in British sports car history.

As Makkina’s Director Michael Ani rightly puts it, the TR25 is a beautiful blend of the TR2-inspired body shape and a versatile, adaptable powertrain, offering a seamless, fully electric experience.

Minimalist Cockpit: Keeping Driver Focus Central

Makkina keeps the cockpit of the TR25 minimalist to avoid unnecessary distractions and deliver a pure driving experience. The driver-focused single-seat layout, minimal instruments, and controls all mirror the company’s ethos. The ’25’ centred in the headlamps serves as a gentle nod to Makkina’s 25-year journey.

Steering the Future with the Past

The TR25 boasts a self-centering dial in the steering wheel displaying vital information, while a central binnacle showcases road speed, charge levels, and battery range. The spoked steering wheel, a tribute to the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2’s wheel, is where the driver accesses driving modes, data and the navigation system.

Makkina: Quarter of a Century of Auto Excellence

With 25 years of illustrious history, Makkina is the ideal partner to breathe life into the TR25. The talented team has produced designs for the automotive industry’s biggest players, creating a formidable reputation as a go-to agency for automotive design.

Makkina Triumph TR25 Concept Sports Car

Triumph’s Reawakening: 100 Years On

The Triumph name remains an icon in the British sports car industry, 100 years since the company built its first vehicle. Now, with the blessings of BMW Group, who own the rights to the Triumph name, Makkina proudly brings the TR25 to life.

This move, as Michael Ani states, honours both Makkina’s 25th anniversary and 100 years of the iconic Triumph brand, as well as 70 years of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 record run. The Triumph TR25 by Makkina made its debut in London at a star-studded event.

It represents a fitting celebration of the past, a proud milestone of the present, and a bold step into the future of the British automotive industry.

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