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Unsold Veyrons – 40 Just Waiting to be Sold

Bugatti say they wont make any new models until the 40 cars they have in stock are sold.

Unsold Veyrons

Of the 300 Bugatti coupes made, all cars found owners by the end of 2011, but the 150 Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse convertible models didn’t shift so well. For that reason, Bugatti are still holding the keys to 40 convertibles which total £51m in value. Could Bugatti be dropping the prices on these models?

Veyron Dynamic Drive Experience

We are told that the French manufacturer will not introduce a new model, until these remaining cars have been sold. To boost sales Bugatti has set up a Veyron Dynamic Drive Experience in the USA, to give prospective buyers the chance to experience the car on the road and on a closed airport runway, which sounds like loads of fun.

We know we are a few years away from a new Bugatti model anyway, but if you know anyone that wants to buy a Veyron…it would come a little bit sooner if they all get purchased.

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