Vauxhall Kicks Off Its Electrified Performance Sub-Brand

Vauxhall is back, and they’re even stronger than ever! Having promised to be an electric-only brand by 2028, they’re slowly edging their way into electrification. First, with hybrids. So, why not make it at least a tad bit exciting, eh? With that in mind, Vauxhall is kicking things off by launching its own (electrified) performance sub-brand, GSe (aka Grand Sport Electric).

The first models that’ll bear this name will be the new Astra hatch and the stretched-out Astra Sports Tourer wagon. Which, in my opinion, are among the most handsome cars on sale today. But, what’s particularly grand about GSe is that their sporting pretentions aren’t just limited to a trim level or badging. They’re actually designed, from the ground up, to be sporty.

Not Just For Show

The Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe will get, for example, a GSe-specific chassis. That’ll not only give it a 10mm lower ride height to really squat them down. Yet, they’ll also feature a unique suspension and steering setup, calibrated for fun and exuberant driving. Even all those electronic nannies have been re-programmed for a more dynamic handling feel, too.

That even includes its set of adaptive dampers and ESC settings. Best of all, there’s the engine. Being electrified models, the new Astra and Astra Sports Tourer GSe models will carry a plug-in hybrid powertrain. As is, they’re good for 225PS (around 221bhp) and 360Nm of torque. Yet, it boasts an impressive 256.8 to 235.4mpg fuel economy, and low 26 to 25g/km of emissions!

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