The EVC06: The Crown Jewel of Vestel’s 2023 Charger Lineup

Drawing upon Vestel’s EVC expertise and benefitting from the massive scale of its 1.3 million square metre manufacturing facility, the EVC06 embodies robustness and ease-of-use. Designed to provide superior value, it significantly slashes the cost associated with integrating EV charging capabilities into commercial car parks, retail locations, and public spaces.

This innovative charger sports features like:

  • Dual split load charging (with an optional third output).
  • A large 10.4” touchscreen interface for seamless interaction.
  • Local and remote load management capabilities.
  • RFID and an optional credit card module for versatile payment methods.
  • A user-friendly interface to guide users through the charging process.
  • ISO15118 compliance, ensuring top-tier accessibility and security.

Vestel’s Legacy in the EV Charging Landscape

Originating from Turkey, Vestel has been a formidable European entity in EV charging design and manufacturing since 2018. It’s no stranger to developing custom solutions for leading brands in the energy, fuel, and automotive sectors. 2023 has been a landmark year for Vestel as it aggressively ventured into the EV charger market with a suite of competitively priced offerings, encompassing the entire spectrum from domestic to commercial charging.

Matthew Lang, Vestel UK’s Managing Director, expresses his enthusiasm: “With the EVC06, complementing our residential EVC04 and the small-business centric EVC10, we’re delivering a potent fast charger tailored for commercial spaces.”

Setting the Bar High: Vestel’s Commitment to Sustainability and Efficiency

Situated in Manisa, Turkey, Vestel’s manufacturing hub prides itself on adhering to, and often exceeding, European sustainability and environmental standards. This strategic location not only facilitates a diminished carbon footprint for transporting chargers within Europe, compared to Asian-produced counterparts, but it also boasts the capacity to produce a staggering 700,000 EV chargers annually. This efficiency ensures Vestel can meet even the most demanding EVC project timelines.

Vestel’s colossal output encompasses both its proprietary branded products and OEM solutions, solidifying its reputation in the market.

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