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Living With The Off-Road Ready Jeep Renegade Longitude

We spent one entire week testing out the Jeep Renegade Longitude. It was great spending a lot of time in and the around the car. It gave us a great chance to get a good understanding of the car.

Jeep Renegade: it’s a Car for Exploring

As you can see from looking at pictures of the Renegade below, the car just looks ready for an adventure. It has the classic Jeep look, with those large exploring headlights facing forward, ready to light the horizon in front of it. Spending sometime with the car, there are lots of little touches that are telling you the car is based more around practicality and durability than it is around comforts.

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Minimal Interior Design

The inside of the Jeep has being executed pretty well. The car has lots of functionality, as you’d expect from a modern car, but it doesn’t look too confusing as it has minimal buttons and knobs. Within no time at all inside the Jeep I had figured out how to use everything with no real complications.

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 The Stash Box

This is not a common option in cars as far as I’m aware. And the Jeep Renegade is the first car I have seen to incorporate storage into the passenger seat. I really love the fact that there is space to store something in there. However, having a secret location to store things made me wish I had something a bit more exciting to hide in there than just my lunch.

Jeep Stash Box-2

Jeeps are Simply Cool

I really like the brand positioning of Jeep. In the UK you don’t see too many Jeeps, and I think the Renegade does slip under the radar a little, although I love the fact that the car does fit in while being very modern. The Renegade still keeps a lot of Jeep’s retro looks, especially around the front end of the car with the wide headlights and classic Jeep grille.

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Jeep Renegade Longitude – Off-Road Ready

The Renegade drives brilliantly on the road. But the great thing about the Renegade and its deep heritage is that the car is also 100% committed to being brilliant off-road. To see how good the Renegade is off-road take a look here.

 Jeep Renegade Longitude

Full of Little Gems

The Jeep Renegade Longitude has lots of nice little touches which I wasn’t expecting which take away a lot of the seriousness of the Jeep. But I love them. The best example you can see here is the old Willy’s Jeep that has been added to the surround of the windscreen climbing up the edge. That is just awesome. This is a great little bit of detail which probably go unnoticed by most. Other features include Bigfoot on the back windscreen climbing over the wiper, plus lots of other off-road icons around the whole car. You will probably be finding them for years to come.

Jeep Renegrade Longitude 2016 34

 Driving The Jeep

The 1.4 L diesel engine in this Renegade isn’t the fastest engine by any means. But it works really well with the automatic gearbox in this car. The computers figure out everything that is needed, including the optimum gear change and power distribution to each wheel. All you need to do as the driver is simply drop it in drive and hit the accelerator. It’s simple trouble-free motoring.

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Feature Rich

The Renegade Longitude is a feature rich compact car. The car comes with the Uconnect 5 inch DAB radio with touchscreen, satellite navigation and Bluetooth, 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, a 6 speaker audio system and you can even lock and unlock the car by touching the door handle with the key in your pocket. This is pretty much all of the basics you need from any modern car, yet alone a true go anywhere car like the Renegade.

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