Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA GTAm

Alfa Romeo Has Finally Sold Off Its Lot Of GTA And GTAm

Yes, I know that might sound like an odd thing to celebrate, but I genuinely am happy that all 500 of Alfa’s turbo-nutter Giulia GTA and GTAm have found happy forever homes. That’s, mind you, a long 18 months after this supposedly desirable and collectable car came out of Alfa’s skunkworks. I suppose this is reflective of the fact that the base sticker price of £153,300 is rather steep.

The racier and stripped-down GTAm, meanwhile, is an eye-watering £157,700. That’s quite a lot of money for a car with no back seats, eh? But for those with a bank account big enough, and a soul that runs red, it’s a worthwhile investment. Looking beside the price, most will agree that the Giulia GTA and GTAm respectively are the best sports saloons to have come out in a while.

The Very Best Of Sports Saloons

The M3 might be good, as is the C63 AMG or RS4. Ah, but Alfa’s super-hot saloon out-classes them in every aspect. The GTA and GTAm, while no doubt edging on the side of being an outright touring car, don’t compromise as much. It’s a proper all-out racer, with straight-line speeds and bendy agility that tugs at your heartstrings as much as it melts your face with G-forces.

It’s a car that sings a lovely V6 burble, as it puts the silliest grin on your face. Yet, it won’t break your back, nor is it ridiculous where one wouldn’t actually drive it. Of course, there’s the whole history of the GTA and GTAm that makes it such an appealing machine. The original GTA came out in 1965, as a total of 500 of them were made to satisfy homologation rules for the Group 2 Turismo class.

From then on out, it dominated. A few GTAm cars were made too that was even lighter and faster. In its present-day incarnation, however, Alfa Romeo didn’t make those cars out of hammers. Instead, they used the very best of aerodynamics and material science courtesy of their friends at Sauber F1. With just 500 GTAs and GTAms, I sure do hope those 500 lucky owners drive the wheels of them.

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