All New Megane R.S. to break cover at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

This Bank Holiday Weekend Event: The All-New Mégane R.S

This Bank holiday weekend is the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix as I’m sure many of you will already know. It’s where Formula One Racing Team driverNico Hulkenberg will be the man behind the wheel of the All-New Mégane R.S. It will officially be the first time for this machine to make a public appearance. So read on to find out why you should a part of it.

What To Expect

See Friday’s motor on the Principality’s famous street track. It is to be painted yellow and black to match and represent the brand of Renault Sport. 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Renault and Formula 1’s business together. So, it’s truly is a special occasion that you don’t want to miss.

For years, Mégane R.S have continuously impressed millions of customers with a variety of the bonus features that they have provided. They have wowed us with the independent steering axis front suspension, Brembo brake callipers and the innovative R.S. Monitor. Expect nothing less with the All-New Mégane R.S.

Success Followed By Success

We know Renault Sport will be standing strong and successful. They will be upholding their reputation as a trustworthy brand consistently bringing high quality engine performance. A corporation of pure class, Renault get the best of F1 technology ensuring fantastic aerodynamics for that extra efficiency.

If that’s not grabbed your attention, know that the Millenium Stadium is a gorgeous arena. Tickets will sell out fast so get yours today. Join the excitement for the biggest motoring event of this bank holiday. Full introductions of the All-New Mégane R.S will take place during the Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany from Thursday 14th to Sunday 24th September. You can also access more information on the history of Mégane R.S and watch a video of the adventure via

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