Bespoke Wraith – Inspired By Earth

Rolls Royce is known for many thinks, from lending their factory to help build the first computer “Christopher” to crack the enigma code to their profound customer care with providing bespoke motor cars to customers!

If you have the option to design your own Rolls Royce Wraith with an unlimited budget and option list what would you choose to have? What colour would you choose, blue, black, green & pink polka dots?  One lucky customer who likes things different and personal has chosen their car to reflect what they see from their bedroom telescope!

Wraith – Inspired By Earth

With the majority finished in Royal Blue representing three-quarters of water that covers the Earth’s surface and over 100 hours painting the bonnet of the car to show a bird’s eye view of the Gulf of Oman alone and the coach line to incorporate all eight planets and Earth painted in gold your end product is a very striking and unique carriage make with extra loving care in Colchester.

The interior of the Wraith represents more of nature and landscapes with blues, greens and whites representing rivers and lakes. Even the RR is stitched in artic white in the headrests. The leather is in the colour of sands surrounding the Emirates deserts.

But don’t worry, if you have forgotten which order the planets are in from the sun you can glaze at your dashboard and even look up at the aerial-view to see the bespoke Starlight Headliner. The rear waterfall have been detailed embroidered using Photoflash technology in the sean of atmospheric clouds. The Piano Milori (glove box to us commoners) has been airbrushed with such procession it portrays a photograph a satellite image of the Middle East.

Personally, I love the idea of making a car uniquely yours. Please don’t think that I believe putting a front splitter on this car would do the trick nor would adding a sporty number plate. All cars now are different shades of grey. From black to white and everything in between. Motorways and city streets have never looked so dull. I don’t just think the car is great but I think the mantra is even better!


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