BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X Previews A New Era Of Electric SAVs

BMW, with the release of the original X5 back in 1999, wasn’t just the brand’s first SUV, but it arguably revolutionised the concept and created an entire genre of sports SUVs that we know today. Or, as BMW would insist that we call it, the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Of course, as electrification comes about and EVs become more popular, it’s time for BMW to re-invent the SAV once more, but with electric power and a renewed focus on sustainability. We don’t know what this looks like just yet, but the Neue Klasse X might give us a clue.

It’s merely a concept for now, but the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X certainly gives hope that SAVs that would soon dominate BMW’s electrified line-up of the future would be pretty interesting. The driving experience will be one of the focal points of this new Neue Klasse X, featuring a newer generation of driving and chassis control, all courtesy of four super-computers that manage the entire powertrain, drivetrain, chassis control, and the rest of the car. Yet, thanks to its use of eco-friendly materials, all that power comes with little environmental cost.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

More Energy Efficient Than Ever Before

On top of that, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X should elevate the threshold for efficiency that much higher. Currently, BMW’s 6th-generation eDrive tech, combining new electric drive units and top-spec lithium-ion battery cells, has a volumetric energy density that’s 20% higher than the outgoing eDrive unit. Paired with an 800-volt architecture, this entails two things – 30% more range, and 30% faster charging speeds. According to BMW, a simple 10-minute charge could add 300km of extra range, which is quite impressive.

It’s further helped by aerodynamic improvements on the Neue Klasse X, which BMW claims are 20% reduced in its drag coefficiency compared to a comparable SAV in its current line-up. The overall efficiency of the Neue Klasse X might also see another 25% increase, all thanks to new tyre designs and a bespoke braking system. Eco-consciousness aplenty, BMW is also planning to use plant-based materials and recycled maritime plastics, a lot of it mainly featured on the interior, which should account for 30% of its construction.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

Avant Garde Design And Styling

It wouldn’t be a futuristic concept car without at least some exaggerated styling, as well as a bold design language. We could probably expect a pretty high ground clearance, and we can now see what BMW might have in store for its iconic kidney grille. More of the same as what we have now, it’s more three-dimensional, flanked by an equally sporty lighting signature – a new style for BMW. Leading into the interior, a generous greenhouse all around ensures that you get a lot of natural lighting in the cabin, aided by a panoramic glass roof.

Not that lighting is a concern anyway, since the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X showcases a huge central display that wraps around the entire dashboard, housing all of your infotainment controls and gauge cluster. A high-tech sound system completes the whole experience, which you can tune and adjust with the tap of a finger. Innovative, green, and cleverly thought out, it’s a bit of a shame that the Neue Klasse X is just a concept car, but if it’s anything like what BMW might bring to production in the future, it certainly looks really promising.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

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