VW California Concept Volkswagen Commercial Vans

Blending the Future with the Past: The New VW California Concept

California CONCEPT – Reimagining the Iconic Camper Van

Set to take centre stage at the Caravan Salon trade fair in Düsseldorf from 25 August – 3 September, the all-new California CONCEPT camper van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) is a tantalising glimpse into the future.

This modern reimagining of the classic camper van, boasting its origins from Hanover like its ancestors, embraces the dawn of a new era without compromising the authenticity that’s made the California so popular over the past decades.

Innovations and Sustainability

The California CONCEPT, based on the acclaimed Multivan, brings a multitude of innovative ideas to the table. It retains its ability to convert from a versatile day-to-day van to a fully-fledged adventure-ready camper van in a snap, yet now packs a punch with the new plug-in hybrid technology.

This eco-friendly feature grants the van an all-electric range, providing a sense of responsibility towards the environment while maintaining its hallmark driving dynamics. Expect a smooth, silent ride that will surely turn heads at the campsite.

A Glimpse Into the Smart Future

But that’s not all! The new California also pairs up with the interactive “Cali on Tour” app, transforming the camper van experience into a smart and seamless adventure. The display has been upgraded to a tablet-format screen, making this the most technologically advanced California yet.

VW California Concept Volkswagen Commercial Vans

Honouring Tradition

Despite these futuristic advancements, the California stays true to its roots. The pop-up roof, a beloved feature throughout its generations, makes a return in the California CONCEPT, maintaining the classic charm that has made the camper van a symbol of freedom on the road.

Celebrating 35 Years of the California Legacy

The story of the California dates back to 1988 when the T3 model was first introduced. Over the years, the California transformed from a special model into a model series in its own right, with over 260,000 units sold to date.

Transitioning from the T3 to the T4 in 1990 represented a technical revolution, marking a significant design overhaul, increased space and enhanced comfort. With the fifth generation, the T5, the California introduced a new dimension of comfort to compact camper vans, gaining a reputation as the Swiss army knife for campers.

As we move into the future, the California CONCEPT aims to continue this legacy of innovation and freedom on wheels, promising an exciting evolution that honours its past while looking firmly towards the future. Be sure to watch this space for more updates from the Caravan Salon trade fair this August.

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