Bridgestone’s New Year’s Resolution: Championing Tyre Safety for Motorists

A Stark Reality: The Overlooked Danger of Illegal Tyres

As we usher in the New Year, Bridgestone is spotlighting a critical issue: the alarming disregard for tyre safety among motorists. Recent findings reveal a concerning trend – over half of the drivers fail to recognise the grave risks posed by illegal tyre usage. Despite being the sole contact points between a vehicle and the road, only 14% of motorists acknowledge tyres as the paramount safety feature on their vehicles. This negligence has been linked to numerous road casualties, with 159 deaths or serious injuries attributed to defective tyres. The dire situation is further underscored by the presence of approximately 10 million illegal tyres on Britain’s roads each year.

Bridgestone’s Resolution for Road Safety

In response to this pressing concern, Andrea Manenti, Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President, proposes a New Year’s Resolution for all motorists: Regular tyre checks. Manenti advises a bi-weekly routine to inspect tyres, stressing that this simple act can be a lifesaving measure. Understanding the traction and grip available, especially under challenging conditions, is vital. Motorists are encouraged to use the 20p coin test to gauge tread depth and ensure it meets the legal minimum of 1.6mm. By adopting cautious driving habits, like moderating speed before curves and gradually accelerating out, drivers can maximise their vehicle’s grip and maintain safety on the roads.

Bridgestone’s Commitment to a Safer Future

This call to action is part of Bridgestone’s broader mission to contribute social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company. It aligns with the company’s E8 Commitment, encompassing eight pillars – Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, and Empowerment – which collectively guide Bridgestone’s strategic priorities and actions. By focusing on ‘Ease’ and ‘Extension’, Bridgestone is dedicated to enhancing the comfort and peace of mind in mobility, as well as fostering continuous innovation and progress.

For motorists seeking further guidance on tyre safety, Bridgestone extends a comprehensive resource through their tyre care guide, available at Bridgestone Tyre Care Guide. As we step into 2024, let us adopt this resolution for a safer, more responsible journey ahead.

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