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‘Car Spotting’ A cold night in the capital

I recently had the pleasure of spending a night in London with my girlfriend and my camera, two things that are very important to me. We had a few drinks in the Victoria area of London and then had a lazy walk up Buckingham Palace Road. Now it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to understand that there are a few wealthy folk in this part of the world and I was getting quite sick of seeing big Merc’s, BMW’s and the obligatory ‘Chelsea Tractors’. As we wearily strolled through the streets, a familiar sound made it’s way into my ears and in a flash (no pun intended!) my camera was at my eye and I was snapping a black 458!


Now my girlfriend is a tolerant person but even she knew what was coming. I decided I wanted to do a bit of car spotting, but knowing that Laura wouldn’t be up for this, I suggested we go for a few drinks around Chelsea and Knightsbridge to see if we couldn’t find Spencer Mathews of ‘Made in Chelsea’ fame for Laura to drool at (more like dump her with him whilst I go and find some metal!).


Under this lame pretense, we went in search of bars. I sneakily got my Google maps out and went in search of the pricier parts of old London town in the hope of finding some gems, only stopping occasionally to keep Laura topped up with Prosecco so that she didn’t cotton onto my sneaky plan.


However, this had an adverse effect as I started to struggle with camera settings and not really paying attention to the finer points of photography such as composition and what-not…


We seemed to walk for ages, me pretending to be lost and by this point Laura’s feet doing what women’s feet do best, punishing them for having awful taste in footwear. And the City threw up delight after delight. Now I am under no illusion that these cars are the creme-de-la-creme, but they are still nice to look at.


However, my little drunken evening of car spotting cemented one thing in my mind, next summer, when our Arab friends invade the streets of London with their automotive masterpieces, this scruffy lad from Birmingham will be there with a sober hand, decent footwear and an unhealthy amount of a certain energy drink that will give me more than enough wings to fly round snapping some amazing cars. Hopefully, catch a glimpse of a P1 or LaFerrari? Maybe I’m still drunk…

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