Chipex Miracle Detailer & Aquaphobic Screen Wash Review

Chipex Miracle Detailer & Aquaphobic Screen Wash Review

No one likes to see their car covered in ugly marks and spots but that is a downside of actually driving your car in the real world. Washing the car very frequently can mitigate this problem somewhat but it isn’t exactly a practical solution if you have to do it every other day. Chipex offers two products that we will look at today that will make your car less prone to becoming dirty and getting spot marks. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Chipex Miracle Detailer

While car detailers are nothing new, one gripe that has always been common to most detailers is the fact that they can be quite difficult to apply in a uniform manner. Chipex has made sure that this gripe no longer exists. It comes in a very easy to apply spray form.

This ensures two things. The first being a uniform spread and the second being the fact that it requires a lot less effort than most traditional detailers. Generally, when something is easy to use, it is usually not up to the mark, quality-wise, of its more difficult to use counterpart but there are no compromises like that here.

The Audi R8 from our project has stood the test of time quite well but on closer inspection, it does show some signs of its age in the form of minor scratches and road rash and my primary motive for trying out the Chipex Miracle Detailer was to help the car paintwork pop dispute those blemishes.

All I had to do was wash the car thoroughly. Once the car was dry I just sprayed the detailer and wiped it off with a microfibre cloth. I did this all over the car and it was back to an almost new-like shine quite effortlessly. This detailer is perfect for people who have never applied a detailer to their car. Having said that, experienced car owners won’t mind the added convenience either. It is not just the shiny gloss that is beneficial. It also makes the exterior of your car repellant to water and grime which means that you can get by with less frequent washing.  We also applied the detailers to the Range Rover above. On both cars the results were great.

Chipex Aquaphobic Screen Wash

The windscreen is a totally different matter. It needs to stay clear and clean despite being constantly bombarded by everything from flies and grime to water droplets. The visibility issues can be compounded on rainy days. Most cars come with an in-built screen washing system but filling them up with generic cleaners won’t help matters. The Chipex Aquaphobic Screen Wash is a very useful product in this regard.

It not only gives the windscreen a thorough cleaning but as its name suggests, it makes it aquaphobic. This prevents the buildup of water even under heavy rains and keeps the visibility levels excellent at all times. It also ensures that no debris gets caught between the windscreen and the wiper blades. It also makes sure that there are no streaks or smears left behind even when it is used to clean the screen on a really dry day. Finally, it doesn’t freeze up to a temperature of -5°C which can come in handy. If you are someone who drives a lot then this screenwash is definitely something worth trying out.

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