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Dash Cam FAQs And The Law With Transcend

More and more people are using dash cams on cars nowadays, but we find people have a lot of questions about dash cams still. The FAQ below should give you a greater understanding about the use of them and the law.

What Prices Are Available?

The prices vary depending on the features which range from an inclusion of a rear facing camera, high video quality and more memory storage. Prices start from as little as £80 to £130. But we would also recommend looking at the features you want rather than focusing solely on the cost.

Which Dash Cam Should I Go For?

Your needs and budget determine the camera that you should get. Generally, you should get a camera that has a good video resolution, preferably full HD, parking mode motion detector, continuous recording and ideally GPS such as the Transcend DrivePro 220.

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Do I Need a Dash Camera on the Front and the Back of my Vehicle?

No, it is a personal choice to have a camera on the front or back of your vehicle or both. You get more protection when you choose both just in case you are involved in an incident that damages the rear. However, in most cases it is relatively easy to setup a camera in the front of the car, at the rear it does take a little more work to wire in the power source. Bear this in mind before buying.

Can I Legally Record in Public?

In the UK it is legal if you are recording for personal use. Meaning as long as you are recording for the sake of insurance and safety means.

Can the Footage be Used to Prove my Innocence?

Yes, it can. In comparison to sketches and written statements, video footage speaks volumes on the scene of the incident. Your case could speed up if you presented such to your insurer. In fact, there are many documented instances of this making a big difference to the legal cases, even where the footage has been pivotal.

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Will the car Camera run Down my Battery?

No, it will not. For cameras that are powered by the vehicle’s 12v socket, in most cases they switch on and off with the ignition, so when the car is off, no power is drawn, and the camera stops functioning. Some cameras have an option of parking monitoring where they continue recording even if the car is switched off, but it won’t drain your car battery, just the internal camera battery.

Do I Need a Computer to Playback the Video?

Not in all cases. There are lots of feature-rich cameras from Transcend that have WiFi technology to allow you to view the footage on your phone or on the back of the dash cam itself.

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Does it Record Sound and if so can I Turn it off?

Most cameras have a built-in microphone that records sounds, but you have an option of turning on and off the audio recording by just changing the setting.

Is it Easy to Install a Dash cam and how Long Will it Take?

The installation can be done in less than 5 minutes. Take a look at an example of the install here.

Where Should I Mount the Camera?

Cameras should be mounted where they are not in the line of sight and don’t affect your visibility. A great rule of thumb for this is to place the camera as close as you can to the outside of the area that the wipers cover. Meaning that the camera can clearly see out, but your vision as the driver is not impaired.

Does the Camera run out of Memory?

All car recorders have a feature known as loop recording when the memory card becomes full; it overwrites the oldest video as it goes. In instances where cameras detect a collision it will protect the footage from being overwritten.

How do I Store the Recordings?

Typically dash cameras use a micro SD card to store the footage. This can be changed and upgraded as you see fit.

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