Deer Whistles For Cars

Deer Whistles For Cars – Do They Actually Work?

You are probably aware of deer running across the road in the middle of the night. Especially if you live in an area that is somewhat surrounded by forests. In this case, deer whistles for cars would probably be your best bet in order to avoid a possible encounter with a deer. And later we are going to explain to you how.

During mating season, deer are running like crazy and could easily end up in front of you. Unlike people, they are not aware that cars can hurt them and are somewhat alerted by the headlights and they jump out in front of the car to cross the street. Months between October and January are the most riskier ones because as we said, this is their mating season and they could end up on the hood of your car.

That’s why you need to be aware of them and drive more carefully during these months when deer are hyperactive. You need to open your eyes and look very well if there is deer on the road and give your best to avoid it. Or get deer whistles for cars and use this tool to alert the deer and make sure that it doesn’t crash into your car.

In this article, we are going to learn what are deer whistles for cars and the history of these whistles. Then we will see how do they work in practice. After we are going to list our top picks when it comes to deer whistles for cars. So, follow along.

What Are Deer Whistles For Cars?

Deer whistles for cars are specifically designed to prevent deer from crashing into your car. These whistles are designed to alert the deer when you approach.

They are designed to work on the frequency on which the deer is hearing. Researchers have tested the hearing capability of the deer. And they concluded that they positively react in the range of 0.25 to 30 kilohertz. And their best sensing ability is somewhere between 4 kilohertz to 8 kilohertz.

The researchers have tested these ultrasonic whistles on captive deer and they reacted positively in the conditioned tests that they performed in their lab testing facilities. More precisely, they tested these whistles on whitetail deer that are the most common ones in the states.

These deer whistles for cars are almost standard equipment for people who live in places that are crowded with deer during the fall and winter. As we mentioned, deer mate during this season and they are quite hyperactive and often can cause accidents on the road.

Especially with inexperienced drivers that are not aware of the behavior of the deer and don’t know that there could be the possibility of hitting one. Even though there are a ton of signs on the roads where deer can be present. And you shouldn’t avoid them.

In addition to the deer whistles for cars, the best thing to do is to drive at lower speeds. Because driving at a higher speed. You could hit the deer and damage your car. In the worst case, a deer can even total your car and even hurt you if you hit one at high speed. But what about the history of deer whistles for cars? Where did it all begin? Let’s find out in the next chapter.

History Of Deer Whistles For Cars

It is worth noting that this is not a brand new product but a product that has been with us for quite a long time.

These whistles were invented back in 1979. You are probably thinking that they were invented in the US, but strangely that’s actually not the case.

The deer whistles for cars were invented in Austria. But they are manufactured by many different companies in Europe and the US. They are also quite cheap and incorporate a fairly simple design.

But, it is worth noting that in the last years there were some more modern takes on this design, and these whistles that incorporate electronics could cost even several hundreds of dollars.

Deer whistles for cars have a long legacy in the US and have been used for decades. Even though they are debunked by some people as fakes and that they simply do not work. But this isn’t the case, because a good whistle will do its job and a bad one will not do a good job. That’s why you need to learn how to differentiate them from one another and get a good proper working whistle for your car or truck.

It is worth noting that you should be aware of fakes. There are some whistles that claim to perform well. But actually, they don’t work at all. They just don’t emit sounds and are not alerting the deer at all. In these instances, you will end up crashing into the deer and damaging your car.

That’s why we are going to help you out with that by listing the top deer whistles for cars later in the article.

How Do These Whistles Work?

As we mentioned, the deer whistles for cars are specifically designed whistles that are designed to alert deer on the road when you are passing with your car and avoid crashing into them.

When the deer notices that you are near, he will be alerted by the whistle and it will run away from the road.

Deer whistles are doing this by emitting sound at a specific frequency that is intended for deer use. This means that only the deer will get alerted by this frequency and run away when he hears this sound.

Imagine that you drive on a forest road and you are not aware that there is a deer in front of you and the deer is not aware of you. In this case, there is a high chance that you will end up crashing into this deer at a great speed and damage your car. Damaging your car is not an option. You will be left without a car and you will spend a ton of money to fix it.

That’s why you need deer whistles for cars. In a similar situation, the deer will be able to hear this sound that works on this specific frequency and alert it. Then the deer will run away and you will avoid hitting this deer and damaging your car.

But how this whistle is powered? This whistle is simply powered by the air drag that the vehicle creates. As the vehicle moves forward, air passes through the whistle and the whistle is emitting sound at that specific frequency. This sound then will travel forward and alert possible deer that is on the road or near to it.

Why You Should Use Deer Whistles For Cars?

There are a couple of reasons why you should use deer whistles for cars and in this chapter, we are going to explain them in detail.

1. They Are Cheap

The deer whistles for cars are affordable and can be purchased for a really cheap price. It is a pity not to mount one on your car and make sure that the chances of hitting a deer are minimal.

You can basically protect your car for the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks and never ever worry that you will hit a deer in your life.

2. They Will Save You A Lot Of Money On Possible Repairs

Hitting a deer with great speed can total your car. Especially if you hit a big whitetail. It could smash your front end and mangle everything inside.

In the best-case scenario, you will escape by replacing the bumper with a new one. But this isn’t always the case. It is a high possibility that the front crash support will be damaged as well in the accident. Along with the radiator and headlights.

The hood and the front grille will also get mangled as well as the front fenders. In some cases, even the windshield will break and there could be roof damage as well if the deer flies over the vehicle.

Deer Whistles For Cars

Not to forget the airbags that will explode and you will have to replace them as well as the dashboard.

Overall, bad situation. This accident can completely total the vehicle. Deeming it irreparable. It will cost thousands of dollars to get it fixed and still, will be as it used to before the accident.

3. You Will Lower The Chances That You Will End Up Hurt

Another big reason is that you could also reduce the chances of hurting yourself. The deer is quite heavy, especially if it is a male that has very big horns. And these horns are sharp and extremely hard. They could protrude even metal.

In addition to the weight of the deer, this can be a killer combo for you if you impact it at a high speed. If the deer goes over the top of the hood, it could easily hurt you and possibly kill you. These situations are extremely rare. But they are worth pointing out.

Whenever you see a deer sign, it means that you need to drive with care besides that you are running deer whistles for cars. You just never know what could happen and what you could hit. Being careful will make sure that you don’t lose your life as well.

4. You Will Save A Deer’s Life

And the last reason is that you will also save a deer’s life in the progress. Deers are beautiful animals and they also have a soul.

It would be a pity to kill or fatally wound one. That’s why make sure that you get deer whistles for cars and make your car safer for you and also for the deer.

In the following chapters we are going to cover the best deer whistles for cars and we will review them in great detail for you to have a better perspective of what product you should purchase.

Top 5 Deer Whistles For Cars

As we mentioned above. In the following chapters, we are going to cover the best deer whistles for cars. We will go into detail with the best products that are out there on the market when it comes to these types of whistles and will make sure that you get the right product for your money. So, let’s get started.

1. Elook Deer Warning Whistles Device For Car

One of the best sellers on Amazon when it comes to the deer whistles for cars is the Elook Deer Warning Whistles. These whistles are Amazon’s choice when it comes to a product in this category with 1,500+ reviews and 4.5 stars rating which considering the overall rating number is quite respectable.

You can get these whistles in packs, the 2 pack is the cheapest costing only $8,99 and the 8 pack is the most expensive one costing $16,99. There is also a pack of 4 and 6. Depending on which want you to go after. Personally, I would go for 6, the more you have, the louder the sound they will emit and the more protected you are going to be.

The whistles are made out of high-quality ABS plastic with excellent build quality. This product is also rather small in size with 1.1 inches in length and can be attached to any bumper.

Not to mention that the adhesive that this product is using is also extremely durable and will make sure that the whistle doesn’t move any time soon. Overall, good product for cheap.

2. Seven Sparta 4PCS Save A Deer

Seven Sparta 4PCS Save A Deer is another good product that has a ton of positive reviews. This product has more than 2,000 ratings and 4.5 stars in total, which means that a lot of people liked it and didn’t repent it from purchasing.

This whistle is manufactured by Seven Sparta who is quite known for manufacturing interesting car accessories that provide maximum fulfillment to car owners.

This product ideally works the best at speeds above 35 mph, what is characteristic for this product is that it emits an ultrasonic sound that the deer reacts to the best when it comes to these whistles. This means that it will work anytime anywhere.

It contains self-adhesion tape and is quite easy to mount. You only need to peel off the table from it and apply the whistle on your bumper or on the roof.

What is bad with these whistles is that they are quite large and are very visible. You cannot tuck them away under the grill or in the air holes on the bumper. Which means that they will be all the time there. Also, some people could easily remove them and steal them.

What is good with these whistles is that Seven Sparta is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied. You could just return the whistle and they will refund you completely.

3. Bell Deer Warning Unit Black

Another good product is the deer warning whistles for cars by Bell Automotive. This product similar to other products that we reviewed has a lot of positive reviews. With more than 2,200 user ratings and 4.5 stars is one of the best out there when it comes to deer alerting devices also known as deer whistles.

Not only on deer, but this tool also works on other animals as well. Because as the manufacturer claims. They are using two different and unique frequencies that warn animals from great distances that you are approaching. These whistles are also very aerodynamic that means the air flows through them quite easily and produces loud sounds on that specific frequency that animals can hear.

They are made out of two separate components, the whistle, and the holder. The holder is mounted to the bumper with adhesive while the whistle is removable. This means that you can remove it whenever you want to give it a clean.

But similar to the previous product. This whistle is also quite large and is mounted on the outside of the bumper. If this isn’t a big issue for you. Then this is the right product for you.

4. CITKOU Deer Whistles For Car

Now let’s cover another more compact product that you can purchase out there and a product that also works quite well. Based on the 1,500+ user ratings and 4.5 stars that CITKOU’s deer whistle for cars is one of the best on Amazon right now and it has quite a lot to offer.

More notably, these products like the first we reviewed are quite more compact than these classic deer whistles for cars that you can get and are two-piece designs and quite larger. This design on the other hand is quite more compact and isn’t bigger than two inches in length.

You can mount this whistle also on the bottom of your bumper and keep the look of your car nice and clean without any visible whistles glued on.

And it is quite easy to attach to the bumper, you only have to peel off the tape that is on the whistle and then press the whistle on the bumper. Just make sure that you attach it really well in order not to fall off and you are good to go.

You can get these whistles in two packs. A pack of four and a bigger pack of 8. The bigger pack is, the more affordable and better investment it is, costing only 4 more dollars but you get double the whistles.

Another benefit from getting this product is the 30-day return policy that they have. If it doesn’t work, in 30 days you can return your deer whistles for cars and have your money back.

5. Hopkins Nvision Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert

Now let’s cover something more modern and also more stealthy than the classic deer whistles for cars, namely the Hopkins Nvision’s Trailblazer electronic deer alert.

This is a more modern solution that is available on the market and it works much better than the classic whistles. This tool is powered by your car battery and comes with a full installation kit.

You can easily activate or deactivate whenever you desire. Just press the switch under your dash and you are good to go. You can also make it turn on when you turn the high beams on as well. It’s so versatile when it comes to usage and also quite more effective.

As the manufacturer reports, this device has a range of a quarter-mile. This means that this tool can alert any animal on the road much before you come close to it. Which makes it perfect to use in places where there are a lot of animals on the road.

What is most important, is that this tool is stealthy. You can mount it under the grille and nobody will notice it.

It is quite more expensive than the regular whistles that you can buy. But it is worth it. With the tool as we mentioned, there is a separate kit. In order to mount everything and connect it with your battery. But this can be a challenge for some people. But you shouldn’t worry because you can visit your local car electrician and he will mount it for you. Overall, good product.

Deer Warning Devices for Cars and Trucks: Facts You Need to Know

  1. In the late 1800s, white-tailed deer were nearly hunted to extinction, but through wildlife management programs, they have recovered and now play an important ecological role.
  2. Deer-car collisions are common and can be dangerous, but there are deer warning devices, also known as deer whistles, that produce ultrasound to deter deer from crossing the road.
  3. The Elook Deer Warning Whistle is a compact, barrel-shaped whistle made of durable ABS plastic, which can be concealed anywhere on a vehicle and produces a sound audible from a quarter-mile away at speeds of 35 MPH or more.
  4. The DEER SAFE Save a Deer Whistle has a pylon-style design with a larger size, making placement on a vehicle more challenging but allowing for easy removal and cleaning of the whistle, and its adhesive is strong and durable even in sub-zero temperatures.
  5. The Niteguy Deer Whistle has a flat profile and comes with 3M adhesive pads for easy installation on the roof, front bumper, or bike rack of a vehicle, and its unique design allows it to blend in with the car’s appearance.
  6. All three deer warning devices have similar audibility and deter deer up to a quarter-mile away at speeds of 35 MPH or more.
  7. The installation and form factor of the devices are important to consider when choosing a deer warning device, as they can affect the appearance of the vehicle.
  8. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the devices are crucial to ensure they work effectively, but some devices are easier to clean than others.
  9. It is important to note that humans cannot hear the ultrasound produced by deer warning devices, but dogs may be able to hear it.
  10. Deer warning devices are an effective and affordable solution to reduce the risk of deer-car collisions and can be ordered in multi-packs to outfit multiple vehicles or provide backups in case of damage or loss.

Conclusion – Deer Whistles For Cars

In this article, we have covered a lot when it comes to deer whistles for cars. First, we learned what deer whistles are and their history of use. Then we have learned how the whistles work. As we can remember, they are working with the help of air drag. As the car moves, air enters inside of them. Then they are producing sounds on a certain frequency. That alerts the deer and other animals that live near the roads.

Lastly, we have taken a look at some products that can be purchased on Amazon. And these products are one of the best there when it comes to deer whistles for cars. Almost all of them have more than 1000 reviews from which most of them are positive. Overall, all products are fairly cheap, even if some doesn’t work for you, you can get another that will.

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