Dream Garage – Track Day

It’s time for the second of the 6 articles of the dream garage series, the track day car! This is the ultimate boy’s toy, that you will not be able to stop fantasizing about when you are sitting at your desk. Just like the first article, a number of different cars came to mind, from an Ariel Atom, a Radical RXC, and a Caterham 620r, there are a number of incredible cars that you can buy for those incredible summer days. But when I was searching for the perfect track day toy, I came across a car that I could just not pick, so in the end I chose a custom SPEAD RM08!

What Is A SPEAD RM08?

This Michael Schumacher tribute car not only features incredible aesthetics, but also unbeatable performance. SPEAD are a South-African lightweight track day company that have had an outstanding track record for over 14 years. The RM08 is around 92% the scale of the current F1 car, and features a fully adjustable body kit and a set of Hoosier slick tires, perfect for racing. This example also comes with four different exhaust systems, which means that it should be able to race at any race track, no matter what the noise restrictions are. It has also recently been tuned by Interpro, a specialist in lightweight supercars.

What’s The Engine In This Beast?

This absolute monster featured a 1.3 Hayabusa in-line four engine, pushing out over 146kw and 154Nm of torque. Due to the unique engine installation, the RM08 has equal length half-shafts, which helps to create the signature incredible ride of this car! In terms of how this car sounds, it truly does sound like the real deal, and would easily be mistaken for a real F1 car down at the track.

Where Can I Buy One?

This particular example is currently up for sale at Prindiville’s Canary Wharf showroom, where they are asking £39,995 for this incredible beast, which also comes with a custom Mercedes transporter, which features an awesome sleeping cabin as well! However, these cars are also widely available, and usually fetch just over £25,000. This isn’t too bad, considering that they come with a whole new lifestyle that will be sure to always crack a smile on your face!


In conclusion I think that for its price, this incredible car will not be beaten by anything, it terms of looks and performance. Also, the fact that it is based on one of the best racing drivers of all time doesn’t hurt, and I’m sure that whoever purchases this car will never regret it!

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