Driving Facts – How Many Are You Guilty Of?

When was the last time you checked your oil levels? Do you defrost your windscreen with a bank card? Would you be confident to jump start a car? There are plenty of things we know we should be doing right with our cars but life gets in the way sometimes. Before you know it you’re struggling to remember if it was two months or three since you last checked everything and it can be easy to slip into bad habits. But this is bad practice. With certain things, you could be putting your car and therefore yourself at risk. This series of driving facts reveal just how many drivers aren’t giving their cars enough attention and we have offered some maintenance advice, just in case you are one of them.

Young drivers are putting themselves at risk.

Do drivers need more information on the environmental impact of their car?

Are you regularly struggling to peer through dirt and filth?

£2 for a windscreen scraper, widely available throughout the UK, including Wales.

Unless there are untold magical properties in Northern Irish breath, it would appear some people just need to leave the house a bit earlier.

Even small windscreen chips can become dangerous if left unattended.

46% of UK drivers are not confident jump starting a car

The first time you do it is probably not the time you want to do it. Should these type of things be taught whilst learning to drive?

Most people don’t take long journeys regularly but if something goes wrong and you’re a long way from home, it can be a lot more difficult to get it fixed. It could even leave you temporarily stranded. Things that should be checked include tyre pressure, screenwash, lights, oil levels, radiator, spare tyre and, of course, fuel. If you are inclined to store all sorts in your boot or on the back seats have a clear out because the extra weight is only increasing your fuel consumption.

Look at it this way – 84% of younger drivers can locate the battery. Perhaps they can start helping out the others so we can improve this figure.

For some their vehicle is their pride and joy, for others it is simply a tool to get them from A to B. But perhaps many are just content to wait until they next give their car a wash.

Are the bright city lights too much? Do London’s drivers feel one bulb is enough? Not at all – 89% of UK drivers would do the same. Two weeks is a long time to be driving with a blown bulb. Most are easy to change and it can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s better and safer to get it sorted as soon as possible.

Ideally, oil levels should be checked every couple of weeks. But if it is something that regularly slips your mind then stick it on your calendar or pick a recurring date, like your monthly payday weekend.

35% of UK drivers are unaware that front and back tyres need different pressure

The wrong tyre pressure can affect handling and fuel consumption, as well as putting tyres at risk of a blowout. Correct tyre pressures can be found in the car handbook. The drivers’ door edge or the fuel filler flap often has the pressures as well. Always check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold.

These are another thing that should be checked regularly. More than half of drivers are potentially putting themselves and other road users at risk. As stated above, tyre pressure is important, as is tread. Legally, there should be at least 1.6 mm. Tyres should be checked for any bulges as these demonstrate internal issues. Examine tyres in good light and consider using a torch to look at all sides properly.

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