Everrati Land Rover Defender Shore Tender 2

Everrati’s Electric Land Rover: Ultimate Superyacht Companion

Ahead of the much-anticipated 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, Everrati has pulled the covers off their latest offering – the Shore Tender, a classic Land Rover Defender reimagined for the electric age.

The firm, renowned for giving iconic vehicles an electric heartbeat, teamed up with the big names of the yachting world: designers Bannenberg & Rowell and specialists Edmiston, to make a splash in the world of luxury yachting.

Shore to Ship in Style

Everrati Land Rover Defender Shore Tender

The Shore Tender isn’t just any electric vehicle (EV). It’s the eco-conscious yacht owner’s dream come true. Picture this: you drop anchor at a stunning global destination. Rather than hopping into a gas-guzzling dinghy or shore-bound vehicle, you transition seamlessly from sea to shore in a head-turning, zero-emission ride. That’s the Shore Tender experience.

Taking the tried-and-true platform of the Land Rover Defender, Everrati and co. have fitted it out with all the bells and whistles that make it fit for the superyacht scene. It isn’t just about looking the part – it’s about environmental responsibility and sustainable luxury.

Packed with Features

Every inch of the Shore Tender screams luxury, from its custom champagne chiller (because why not?) to its unique sailcloth roof awning. And let’s not forget about the reclaimed ocean plastic floor panels – taking eco-friendly to the next level.

Owners can opt for personalised touches, such as custom sailcloth duffel bags embroidered with yacht names and logos. And if you’re concerned about storage, don’t be. Its design ensures it can be stowed away onboard without hogging deck space. Plus, with removable doors and capstans, yacht owners have options galore.

What’s Under the Bonnet?

Beyond its sleek exterior and plush interior, the Shore Tender boasts an electric powertrain hand-built using top-notch components. The EV offers regenerative braking, and both AC and DC fast charging. Whether you’re island-hopping in the Caribbean or exploring coastal towns along the Riviera, rest assured, you’ll be doing so with sustainable, clean-air luxury.

A Game Changer for the High Seas

Everrati Land Rover Defender Shore Tender

This isn’t just about one vehicle; it’s a shift in thinking. As Alex Holden from Edmiston puts it, the Shore Tender is a “game-changer” for those looking to amp up their superyacht experience. It’s all about zero emissions onshore while maintaining environmental responsibility in luxury yachting.

Dickie Bannenberg from Bannenberg & Rowell mirrors the sentiment, hinting that the Shore Tender has arrived “at precisely the right time”. In a world where luxury and sustainability are increasingly intertwined, this project hits the mark.

Everrati’s CEO, Justin Lunny, sums it up nicely: “With this innovation, we aim to redefine how yacht owners explore the world, offering an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on style or performance.”

The Bottom Line

Everrati’s Shore Tender is a blend of sustainable luxury and innovative design, bringing zero-emission travel from ship to shore. While the price tag remains under wraps, available only on detailed consultation, one thing is clear: it’s set to redefine the way yacht owners roll, both on land and sea.

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