DS 9 M.Y. 23: A Symphony on Wheels with Focal Electra Sound System

The 2023 model of DS 9 gets an audiophile’s dream upgrade with the Focal Electra Sound System, taking in-car audio experience to a whole new level.

A Harmonious Collaboration: Focal and DS

Focal, the renowned French manufacturer of loudspeakers, headphones, and car audio systems, revisits its audio design on board DS 9 for the 2023 model year. Offering a sublime blend of French expertise and elegance, this partnership between Focal and DS Automobiles aims to enhance the joy of driving with an immersive and sensational auditory experience.

The Focal Electra System, tailored specifically for DS Automobiles, comprises 14 speaker drivers and a 16-way active amplification, and is a standard feature on the Opéra and Esprit de Voyage models.

Immersive Sound: An Augmented Experience

The Focal and DS Automobiles teams have collaborated to strategically position the speaker drivers within the vehicle’s architecture. The result is an extraordinary spatialisation and an immersive sound experience for every passenger. The layout includes two-way speaker drivers in the doors and a central channel on the dashboard, providing a three-dimensional sound image in the front. In the rear seats, two additional two-way speaker drivers are located in the doors, with two surround speakers on the parcel shelf offering a cinema-like immersion.

The Focal Electra system also includes a powerful subwoofer that utilises three of the amplifier channels. With two listening modes available, “All-Passengers” and “Front Optimized”, the sound experience can be tailored to passenger preference. Coupled with the new multimedia DS IRIS SYSTEM, the Focal Electra hi-fi system showcases its full potential.

Focal’s Expertise: A New Definition of Comfort

The advanced audio technology from Focal ensures high fidelity sound reproduction. The 14 speaker drivers use lightweight and rigid Polyglass cones for balance and precision, while the aluminium inverted dome technology delivers optimal sound dispersion and more refined treble. The subwoofer’s movement is perfectly controlled by the power of the Power Flower magnet, faithfully reproducing the musical message.

Moreover, the 16-way amplification offers 690 watts of power and uses Class D boost technology, ensuring efficient power consumption, low distortion, and high energy control. The speaker drivers are meticulously phase-aligned during the fine-tuning stage to ensure that sound waves reach the listener simultaneously.

Luxury and Sound: A Harmonious Blend

DS 9 represents the pinnacle of luxury, and the inclusion of the Focal Electra System enhances this further. The vehicle’s luxurious interiors, featuring high-end materials such as Nappa leather and Alcantara trim, are complemented by the authentic Focal sound, bringing the passengers an emotional power of music.

The focus on comfort extends beyond just the luxurious materials. With features like acoustic glazing and heat-sealed casings to eliminate vibrations, the DS 9 is designed with passenger comfort in mind. The Focal Electra grilles add a design-led elegance, and the precision and balanced sound offer a dynamic sub-bass and a rich, finesse-laden treble, ensuring a truly luxurious sound experience.

Focal’s Playlists for DS Automobiles

If you own a DS Automobile or if you are an audiophile looking for sound perfection, make sure to check out Focal’s playlists for DS Automobiles. These expertly curated playlists promise to make your driving experience even more enjoyable.

The Focal Electra System on DS 9 M.Y. 23 proves that true luxury is about more than just appearances; it’s also about the experiences and sensations that come from inside, like the pleasure of high-quality, immersive sound.

In Summary

The 2023 DS 9 models, with their opulent design, innovative technology, and authentic Focal sound, are set to redefine the standard for luxury cars. The combined vision of DS Automobiles and Focal elevates the in-car sound experience, providing an enveloping, high-quality soundscape that allows passengers to truly immerse themselves in music while journeying in luxury and comfort.

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