New MINI Cooper 2024 UK

Fresh Wave of Excitement: New MINI Cooper Models Hit the Road

The Power of Choice in Petrol

In the ever-evolving world of cars, MINI has once again stolen the spotlight with the introduction of two spanking new petrol models to its Cooper family – the nifty MINI Cooper C and its zestier sibling, the MINI Cooper S.

This expansion comes hot on the heels of the all-new MINI Cooper Electric, offering a delightful “Power of Choice” to fans of the brand. Stefanie Wurst, the head honcho at MINI, emphasises this range as a salute to those yearning for the classic MINI 3-door experience, powered by the unmistakable thrum of a petrol engine.

With a starting price tag of £22,300 and set to grace driveways by spring 2024, these models are rolling out from the iconic MINI Plant Oxford, promising a blend of tradition and innovation.

Engines That Thrill

Under the bonnet, both models pack a punch with their petrol engines. The Cooper S, with its 204 hp four-cylinder engine, promises to zip from 0-62 mph in a mere 6.6 seconds, thanks to its hefty 300 Nm torque.

Not far behind, the Cooper C, equipped with a 156 hp three-cylinder engine, achieves the same sprint in 7.7 seconds, boasting a torque of 230 Nm. Both models feature a suspension and damping system fine-tuned for nimble handling, ensuring every drive is as thrilling as it is smooth.

New MINI Cooper 2024 UK

Style That Speaks

The new MINI Cooper models are a sight to behold, with their purist design and compact silhouette that carry the brand’s core principles forward. The fifth-generation models sport clear surfaces, short overhangs, and a short bonnet, balanced with a contrasting long wheelbase for that unmistakable MINI look.

Notably, chrome has been given the boot in favour of a more contemporary design approach.

Customisation Galore

Personalisation takes centre stage with three trim levels: Classic, Exclusive, and Sport, each offering a plethora of customisation options. From the vibrant new Ocean Wave Green and Sunny Side Yellow exterior colours to various wheel designs and interior finishes, owners can tailor their MINI to reflect their unique style.

Exclusive trim ups the ante with British Racing Green paint and dark interior accents, while the Sport trim boasts sporty transmission and exclusive design elements for a more dynamic look and feel.

Inside the Innovation

The interior of the new MINI Cooper models is where tradition meets innovation. Dominated by a 24cm circular OLED display, the cockpit is a minimalist’s dream, focussing on functionality and flair.

The dashboard, made from a two-tone, recycled polyester, houses all essential driving functions within a sleek toggle bar, maximising space and style. The panoramic glass sunroof and wireless charging shelf add a touch of luxury and convenience, making every journey a pleasure.

New MINI Cooper 2024 UK

Tech That Talks

The heart of the MINI Cooper’s interior tech is the revolutionary OLED display, enabling control over vehicle functions through touch or voice. With MINI Operating System 9, navigation, media, and climate control are at your fingertips. The introduction of “Hey MINI!” activates the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant, bringing a personal touch to the driving experience.

Safety and Convenience

Safety isn’t overlooked, with the new models boasting an array of driver assistance systems, including the Safe Exit function and Driving Assistant Plus package, ensuring peace of mind on the road. The innovative MINI Digital Key Plus enhances convenience, allowing your smartphone to unlock the car as you approach.

With their blend of iconic design, cutting-edge technology, and exhilarating performance, the new MINI Cooper C and Cooper S models are set to reignite your love for driving. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring country lanes, these models promise an unforgettable journey, stamped with MINI’s legendary charm.

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