HECATE by Edifier GX05 Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

We recently tested the GX05 Ultra-Low Latency Gaming Earbuds. With their focus on minimising latency, these earbuds aim to offer gamers an immersive and perfectly synchronised audio experience, crucial for both casual and competitive gamers.

Design and Comfort

The GX05 earbuds boast an ergonomic design, ensuring they remain comfortable even during extended gaming sessions. The addition of RGB lighting effects and a sci-fi inspired aesthetic elevates the visual appeal, making them not just a functional tool but a part of the gamer’s identity. The choice of space grey as a colour option adds a sleek, modern touch to the design.

The RGB lights are simply amazing, any gadget guy will fall in love with those headphones the moment they see those lights flick on and dance.


At the heart of the GX05’s appeal is its ultra-low latency, reported as low as 15 milliseconds. This feature is crucial for gaming, where every millisecond can be the difference between victory and defeat. The dual wireless mode, including a 2.4GHz Bluetooth option, ensures versatility and ease of connection across devices. The incorporation of 10mm dynamic drivers and LHDC5.0 HD decoding signifies a commitment to sound quality, promising clarity and depth that can bring game worlds to life.


The dual connection capability, allowing Bluetooth and 2.4G connections simultaneously, is a standout feature. It addresses a common pain point for gamers, enabling seamless switch between gaming and taking calls.

The addition of ENC Dual Microphone Noise Cancellation is a thoughtful touch, ensuring clear communication free from background noise—a must in team-based games.

The USB adaptor can quickly be connected to any device you wish and can be stored and transported with the headphones in the case.


Charging and Battery Life

The promise of fast charging without significant waiting periods addresses one of my most common frustrations with wireless headphones like this.

Long battery life means that gamers can expect extended playtimes without the need to frequently recharge. In my testing I experienced around 3 hours or so and the batteries hadn’t died by that point.

Final Thoughts

The GX05 Ultra-Low Latency Gaming Earbuds seem to strike a fine balance between innovation, performance, and aesthetic appeal. They cater to the specific needs of the gaming community, offering features that enhance both the immersive experience of gaming and the practical aspects of using earbuds across different scenarios.

Given their price point of £91.94 on Amazon (currently), they represent a compelling option for gamers seeking high-quality audio without compromising on functionality or style.

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