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HPI Helps Student First Time Buyers – Here is How

Buying your first car can be both exciting and challenging. With many things to consider and lots to watch out for, it can be a daunting task for some people. Automotive data expert HPI is urging all students heading off to university to do their homework, their car hunting homework that is.

HPI urge that thinking about your finances should be considered most important. The struggle of balancing costs when living away from home and not knowing how much cash to splash is a problem for young people.

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First Time Buyers

Fernando Garcia, the consumer director at HPI spoke on the subject, “Many students will be owning their car for the first time so it’s key to remember that September is a great month to bag a bargain in the car calendar with some great finance deals available on new cars and large numbers of nearly new vehicles available in the market.” Mr Garcia continued to explain, “Buying your first car is exciting, but it’s easy to get swept away by fancy gadgets and freshly polished paintwork, putting buyers at risk of paying over the odds for a car with something to hide. First-time buyers are even more vulnerable to dishonest sellers because they haven’t been through the motions before and are unlikely to know what questions to ask, so it’s always good to get advice from someone with more experience.”

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HPI Advice

HPI believes the ideal first choice for any student would be the small city car, we believe the same. Now you won’t be breaking any speed records or attending any track days, but you will be gaining all the benefits that are vital to you as a student. Having a car that produces Low emissions with a high miles per gallon figure will prove healthy for your wallet. HPI have picked out the following options. All are safe, stylish and have a good resale value:

  • Renault Clio – Nice size car, safe, stylish and popular with first time buyers, lots of car for the money! (Target price £5095 14/14 plate 60k miles model 9 TCE 90 Dynamique MediaNav Energy 5dr)
  • Peugeot 108 – Popular, stylish, easy to drive with low running costs (Target price £4695 17/66 40k miles, model 1.0 Active 3dr )
  • Fiat 500 – Stylish, reliable and looks and drives great (Target price £4795 15/65 30k miles, model9 TwinAir Lounge 3dr)

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