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London Wages War on the Supercar

Why did you buy a supercar? Was it the speed, was it the looks, or was it the sound? Well if it was that third option and you live in London you may be in trouble as you could soon face a fine for those roaring 12 cylinders. Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council are thinking about fining supercar drivers for the noise their expensive toys produce.

 Residents are Complaining About Excessive Noise 

The residents are the ones to have prompted this after they complained to the council over the issue of high-performance cars speeding in the streets, drivers revving engines and vehicles causing obstructions. Tourists from the UAE are known to be among the drivers causing the problems that have been affecting residents for many years.

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 The Penalty 

Restrictions are to be imposed on the area and the cars that enter, along with the possibility of prosecution for breaking them. A £100 fixed penalty notice could also be handed to drivers. Should it be approved the restrictions will last for 3 years with the possibility of an extension. Drivers could be punished for speeding, revving an engine excessively, rapidly accelerating, driving in convoy, racing and performing stunts. Repeat offenders are to have their cars seized and impounded. So if you drive a supercar avoid London for the next 3 years as you could lose your car.

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