New Volkswagen Arteon Fastback and Shooting Brake

This, is the new Volkswagen Arteon. Since 2017, it has been Volkswagens GT car, yet some people would just say this is just a Passat in disguise, but that could not be further from the truth. So for 2020, Volkswagen has introduced a design, technical and safety overhaul. And don’t worry performance fans, you’re being well looked after too. Let’s dive right in.

Fastback And Shooting Brake

Volkswagen Arteon Fastback And Shooting Brake

The design of the Arteon is simply stunning in my opinion, with one of the best front end designs on a vehicle we’ve seen in a while. The continuous light strip and chrome bars on the wide, low front end give a purposeful stance. The rear follows the front, with a stylish, modern design. Quad-exhaust outlets sign off the rear and the presence is enhanced at night thanks to a new LED signature, both at the front and rear.

Volkswagen Arteon Boot Space

The design follows the same path until the B-pillar is reached. On the standard Arteon, the roof and window design are swept down in parallel to become part of the coupe-shaped rear. The Shooting Brake however, extends the modern design towards the rear, that ends at the new roof spoiler, and the lines move towards the D-pillar which gives the rear a sporty appearance, unique in the Shooting Brake world.

Interior Space And Boot Space

Both versions of the Arteon feature 1,016mm of rear legroom, which is a benchmark figure in this class of vehicle, and thanks to that unique design, the Shooting Brake offers more headroom at the front and rear. Boot space is more than adequate and offers 565 litres in the Shooting Brake, and 563 litres in the Arteon. When the seats are folded down, this extends to 1,632 litres in the Shooting Brake, and 1,557 in the Arteon. Both impressive figures.

Arteon Interior

Cockpit and Driver Assist

Volkswagen have also overhauled the interior, to enrich the driver with a premium feel. Touch sliders for the automatic air conditioning and a new multi-function steering wheel that is equipped with touch controls. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also integrated, so phone connectivity is easy to set-up. Harman Kardon are supplying a 700 watt high-end optional sound system, that is tuned for either the Arteon or the Shooting Brake. A new optional extra is background lighting. This has a range of 30 colours and illuminates the dashboard and doors, which add to the feeling of premium and interior ambience.

eHybrid Engine

One of the new safety features is Travel Assist, which enables partly automated in a speed range of 0-130mph, dependent on the system’s limits. Road works and stop-and-go traffic should be more easily negotiated thanks to this system, and thanks also to ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), driving stress is reduced further. The system, which features predictive speed control, can react to speed limits, town driving, roundabouts and junctions, and the Arteon will adapt the speed to match. Quite clever stuff indeed.

The safety features are rounded out with Lane Keeping Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring. Also, an optional extra is a Rear View reversing camera which features Corner View, which gives the driver a camera angle of between 90 degrees and a wide-angle 170 degrees.

Engine Choice And eHybrid

The engine above is from the Arteon plug-in hybrid. The eHybrid features a 1.4-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 154bhp, and an electric motor that adds 113bhp. Both the Fastback and Shooting Brake have a purely electric range of up to 33 miles at speeds up to 87mph, which means city and short A-road journeys can realistically be achieved under electric power alone, producing zero emissions. In the luxury mid-size vehicle segment, this is a first.

Arteon R

3 turbocharged petrol engines, ranging from 187 bhp to 276 bhp, and 2 types of diesel with either 148 bhp and 197 bhp round out the engine choices. A 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic are the transmission choices on offer.

However, that’s not all that Volkswagen are giving us.

Volkswagen Arteon R

Now we get to the good stuff. The Volkswagen Arteon R comes equipped with a 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol that pumps out a hard-hitting 316bhp and 310lb ft of torque, mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and an updated version of the 4Motion 4-wheel-drive system that has graced many other models in the Volkswagen line-up. A new R Performance Torque Vectoring System can distribute power where needed within milliseconds. This is dependent on speed, accelerator input and steering angle. Good enough for maybe a sub 5.0 second 0-62mph time? No doubt about that. This is the one I want to drive!

Volkswagen Arteon Conclusion

The design is purely stunning in my opinion. It marries cutting-edge modern design, and technology under the skin that is at the forefront of new features. If she drives as good she looks, the Volkswagen Arteon will be a popular choice on the road. More information can be found on the Volkswagen UK website.

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