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Nissan 370Z Nismo vs a Wingsuit

I imagine there’s no bigger question when it comes to the all-new Nissan Nismo 370Z then whether or not it’s faster than a man in a flying wingsuit.  Considering that both provide an immense shot of adrenalin and require one who’s a bit of a nutter in order to operate properly, they would appear to be pretty evenly matched.

Instead, they aren’t. It’s not entirely difficult to see why, as, well, one of them involves jumping off of a cliff and the other involves sitting in a chair, despite the fact that it’s a 155 mph chair.  It does make for quite the entertaining video, though. Imagine if the 370z had been fitted with an aftermarket turbocharger!

Take a look at the video to see who wins.

Behind the scenes

The production of this video is insane… 5D’s, GoPro’s, handhelds and CineFlex. This guys went all out to capture this amazing footage. Take a look at the below video behind the scenes.


This Nissan Juke has been completely customised to become a full rolling analysis tool. In this instance the Juke was used to measure biometrics of both the the wingman and driver throughout the filming of the video. It is very interesting indeed.

Does this advertising work?

Most defiantly… Take me to the dealer!

The Nissan 370z Nismo is available from £36,995 and is well worth a look.

Great video Nissan!


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