Honda eNy1

Honda’s e:Ny1 SUV Lowers The Barrier To Entry For Electric Cars

One of the biggest barriers to entry in getting more folks into electric vehicles has always been money. A good electric car oftentimes costs more than its ICE or hybrid equivalent, though we’re thankfully seeing this walled garden become more and more accessible by the day. Cost-effective, cheap EVs are steadily becoming commonplace, and it’s really easy nowadays to find fantastic budget EVs for under £30,000. One of the biggest proponents for electrification lately has been Honda, and the brand’s newest e:Ny1 electric SUV is certainly quite tantalising.

Starting from £39,995, and with attractive financing options available as of writing this and all the way up to 30th June 2024, when these offers end, the e:Ny1 will be launched in the UK with two distinct versions available. There’s the entry-level Elegance variant for £39,995, and there’s the pricier Advance trim for £42,195. Honda is also bundling in their Five Year Care Package, as it includes a five-year service plan, five-year warranty, and five-year roadside assistance, if you buy the e:Ny1. And, if you’re introverted enough like me, you could even purchase it online.

Honda eNy1

Small, Stylish, And Electrifyingly Cool

With a claimed electric range of 256 miles, the Honda e:Ny1 electric crossover is definitely one of the more interesting EVs I’ve seen recently. With 100kW fast charging capability, it’ll top up the 68.8kWh battery pack in just under 45 minutes, while a quick 11-minute charge is enough to get 60 more miles of range. It’s hardly a dull electric crossover too, with a modest 204PS of power and 310Nm of torque, enough for a 0-60mph sprint in just 7.6 seconds. Not the hottest of SUVs out there, but sufficient to keep up with most hot hatches, even.

I do quite like how it looks as well, with its sharp, sophisticated, modern exterior design, that is nothing else quite like it on the road. Slim headlights, a prominent lightbar on the rear, with a cool-looking faux front grille. Another neat touch is the colour of the Honda ‘H’ logo. Whereas performance-oriented Hondas, such as the Civic Type R, have a red ‘H’ Honda logo, the e:Ny1 is the first of Honda’s electric vehicles to feature a brand-new white ‘H’ logo, instead. This will be a distinctive feature to distinguish Honda’s future electric cars, starting with the e:Ny1.

Honda eNy1

Modern And High-Tech, Inside And Out

The interior is a big departure from the oft-staid, but functional Honda cabins in the past, with the e:Ny1 uncluttering the dash as much as it can, and centralising all your primary controls within the generously sized 15.1-inch infotainment screen. Next to that, you’ll find a spacious 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster, and if you need to fully remote control your Honda e:Ny1, the My Honda+ mobile app lets you check your battery charge status, setting the climate control, and you can even use it to set your phone as a digital key to unlock your e:Ny1.

As I would expect from a Honda, practicality and ease of use are likely second to none, and for the price, if you’re shopping for a slightly more premium EV, it might be worth taking a closer look. Not to mention, there’s Honda’s legendary reputation for reliability, and as far as daily driveable EVs go, the e:Ny1 seems right up my alley. If you’re interested, you can now book a test drive of the Honda e:Ny1 on the Honda website, and would-be owners could start putting an order for one this coming April 23rd, with financing deals on offer right now.

Honda eNy1

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