Kia EV9 Meridian Audio Sound System

Revolutionising Car Audio: Kia’s EV9 and Meridian’s Sound System

Electrifying Audio for the Electric Age

The automotive world is buzzing with the latest news from Kia. The anticipated 2024 Kia EV9, a luxury SUV, is set to elevate the electric vehicle (EV) experience with a groundbreaking audio system.

This system isn’t just any ordinary car stereo; it’s a finely tuned masterpiece, crafted specifically for the unique acoustic requirements of electric vehicles. British audio experts at Meridian Audio have poured extensive research into developing this 14-speaker marvel, ensuring that it seamlessly caters to the needs of EVs.

What sets the EV9 apart is its focus on maintaining the design integrity of the concept car while providing an unparalleled acoustic experience. Kia’s collaboration with Meridian follows the success of their previous partnerships, evident in vehicles like the K8 and EV6. Priced up to £76,245, the EV9 is set to compete with the crème de la crème of luxury vehicles.

Tackling the Challenges of EV Soundscapes

Kia EV9 Meridian Audio Sound System

John Buchanan, Meridian Audio’s chief executive, highlights the unique challenges in achieving superior sound in an EV. Unlike traditional cars with combustion engines, EVs present a different kind of background noise, often at higher frequencies. This requires a different approach to managing sound within the vehicle.

Meridian’s solution? Focusing on software over hardware. Their advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms are the game-changer here. These algorithms are tailored to the specific acoustic environment of the EV9, adjusting the audio in real-time to provide an immersive listening experience.

The Meridian RE-Q technology adapts the system to the vehicle’s cabin acoustics, while the Digital Precision ensures a pristine signal-to-noise ratio.

A Symphony on Wheels

Meridian’s Intelli-Q Data-Driven Equalisation is another key feature. It’s not just about cranking up the volume; it’s about responding to the specific profile of background noise.

As the vehicle speeds up or encounters rougher roads, Intelli-Q adjusts the audio, particularly in the low and mid ranges, to counteract tyre noise. This creates a consistent, captivating acoustic environment, regardless of driving conditions. The selection of an open-air connected subwoofer (OCS) for the EV9 is another stroke of genius.

Moving away from traditional box enclosures, which can limit sound quality and require significant space, the OCS offers exceptional bass performance without the drawbacks. It ensures that bass notes are fast, precise, and deep, enhancing the listening experience for everyone in the vehicle.

Kia EV9 Meridian Audio Sound System

Beyond Sound: A Partnership in Innovation

This collaboration between Kia and Meridian goes deeper than just creating great sound. It reflects a commitment to innovation and flexibility in car manufacturing and audio design.

By working closely with Mobis, Kia’s hardware supplier, Meridian has supported Kia’s goals of improving manufacturability and cost-effectiveness, proving that cutting-edge technology and practicality can go hand in hand. In summary, the Kia EV9, equipped with Meridian’s bespoke audio system, is not just another luxury SUV.

It represents a harmonious blend of aesthetic integrity, innovative technology, and superior acoustic engineering. As the world moves towards electric vehicles, Kia and Meridian are setting the bar high, proving that the future of automotive luxury is not just about the drive, but also about the experience within.

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