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Before the Test Drive – Citroen DS5 DSport BlueHDi 180

With a Citroen DS5 DSport on the way for review, I started to think a little about what I expect the car to be like.

What is the Citroen DS5 DSport BlueHDi 180 all about?

The Citroen DS5 DSport is Citroen’s premium offering for people that want a bit more than an A to B motor. The number one biggest selling point about the DS5 is the bold and striking design, which isn’t far off the very futuristic C-SportLounge concept car it was based on. Every aspect of the car uses premium materials and has extreme levels of detail in the design.

The DS5 is larger than the DS3 and DS4, but it’s still a good usable size for the road, Citroen describe the car as being compact yet spacious, and from what I have seen, I think they’re right

The top ranking DS5 model is marketed as being refined, efficient, practical, and still able to deliver first class road handling. We will have the 2.0-litre BlueHdi 180 diesel model on test drive, so we will have to see just how good the road handling is.


Citroen’s DS range of cars are some of the best cars you can buy in this sector, so the expectations for the DS5, being the most expensive in the range, are very high.

There is no doubt that the exterior is very well designed and built, and I would imagine that in the flesh the car will be very eye catching and will draw you in with its excessive curves and quirks.

Inside the car, I would except the ride to be a little softer than its sportier brothers, and comfortably be able to seat 5 people

The 2.0-litre diesel engine puts out 180bhp and will do 0-60mph in 9.2 seconds, but it should still manage a combined efficiency rating of 62mpg. I’m actually very excited to test out this engine set-up, with its 6 speed automatic gearbox.  I would except that the DS5 DSport will still feel pokey and alive with the 180bhp, but I will be demanding to see those high MPG figures on the dash at the same time. Knowing that the car is fitted with Citroen’s start/stop technology I do believe the MPG will be reasonably good.

Will the DS5 DSport be just as impressive as the rest of the DS range? I have every expectation that it will, but we will have to wait and see.

Supplied by: Citroen

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