The Alpine A110 Finally Goes Electric

If there’s one core similarity in the dynamics of every EV on the market today, it’s that they’re pretty heavy. Not just a tiny bit heavy, but often by quite a country mile. That’s unfortunately the deal-breaking downside of having all those batteries. But, it’s a variable that automakers are keen on improving. Just imagine then, what a lightweight EV would feel like to drive.

Well, there’s no better brand to take the plunge into the unknown than Alpine. These days, I’d say that the Alpine A110 is the quintessential example of a true sports car. Mainly, Alpine refined the concept of simplification and weight savings to create a pure, unadulterated, and fun experience. You don’t often get that, and there’s some worry that it’s the last of its kind.

Would An EV Spoil The Experience?

You can imagine my shock then, that Alpine’s electrifying the A110. One wonders, would the weight of batteries ruin the drive? Well, Alpine doesn’t think so. For starters, their E-TERNITÉ concept, just recently unveiled, weighs a relatively lithe 1,378kg. Although, it seems that this isn’t good enough, as Alpine is working to continually reduce the weight down to 1,320kg.

Moreover, their benchmark is still the ICE A110. In short, Alpine’s challenge is to try and match the agility, balance, and deft handling of the current A110. Besides the battery pack, Alpine is working hard on fine-tuning a bespoke gearbox. Oh, and did I mention that they’re making the A110 an open-top now? Regardless, it’s a one-off testbed for now, but it’s had me piqued.

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