BMW Concept Touring Coupé

The Future of Grand Touring: BMW’s Concept Touring Coupe

A Breath-taking Debut

BMW has once again stunned the automotive world, unveiling its unique and audacious BMW Concept Touring Coupe at the glamorous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023. As a one-off marvel, this two-seater vehicle combines the company’s long-standing tradition of masterfully crafted coupes with a flair for timeless elegance and the spirit of journeying together.

The Concept Touring Coupe breathes new life into the classic sports car silhouette, introducing a reinterpretation of the shooting brake design. The luxurious touch of meticulously crafted leather interiors by Italian manufacturers Poltrona Frau is matched with a roomy compartment to stow away custom-made luggage, turning spontaneous road trips into sophisticated adventures.

The Fascination of Automotive History

BMW Concept Touring Coupé

In the backdrop of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the Concept Touring Coupe is steeped in automotive history. Celebrating the allure of BMW’s “Sheer Driving Pleasure,” this modern embodiment of a classic motoring charm showcases BMW’s commitment to creating emotive vehicles that resonate with the joy of driving, both in the past and the future.

The design takes cues from some legendary predecessors. Its proportions echo the BMW 328 Touring Coupe, a Mille Miglia endurance race winner in 1940. The functionality of the shooting brake nods to the early 1970s BMW 02 Series, with “Touring” in their names, marking them apart from sedans.

Powered by the iconic six-cylinder in-line engine, the Concept Touring Coupe promises uncompromised driving enjoyment and refinement, true to BMW’s heritage.

Exquisite Exterior Design

The most striking aspect of the Concept Touring Coupe is its sculpted rear end. The flowing contours of the roof, merging seamlessly with the rear side panels, create a muscular, athletic silhouette. The flat rear window and distinct body surfaces highlight its strong, confident stance.

From the side, it’s quintessentially BMW. The long bonnet, streamlined roof and sturdy rear echo the brand’s hallmark two-box design. The elongated side windows and flared rear wheel arches all underline a sporty elegance.

Complementing the design is the specially created Sparkling Lario paintwork, a blend of grey-brown hues interspersed with flakes of blue glass, giving the car an impression of depth. To top it all off, bespoke 20 and 21-inch light-alloy wheels add a touch of sporty glamour to the vehicle.

BMW Concept Touring Coupé

Artistry Meets Modernity: Interior Design

Inside, the Concept Touring Coupe offers a symphony of luxurious details. In keeping with BMW’s driver-centric approach, the choice of materials, colour scheme and craftsmanship are all first-rate.

A bi-colour leather option from Poltrona Frau delineates the upper and lower sections of the interior. Dark brown tones in the upper section help the driver maintain focus, while the lower section features a light saddle brown for comfort and warmth.

Attention to detail is present in every corner, from precise perforations to braided leather straps. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design truly sets the BMW Concept Touring Coupe apart. And let’s not forget the exclusively designed luggage by Schedoni leather workshop in Modena, consisting of a custom-made set that perfectly matches the vehicle.

In essence, the BMW Concept Touring Coupe is more than just a car. It’s a testament to BMW’s ongoing commitment to creating vehicles that don’t merely transport us but celebrate the journey and the joy of driving. This unique concept car truly brings together past, present, and future, wrapped up in one stunning package.

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