Finding USPS Trucks For Sale

Where Can You Find A USPS Truck For Sale & How To Buy One?

The Grumman LLV is the extremely underappreciated icon of American roads today. Of course, most of us otherwise know it as *the* USPS mail truck that hauled mail and cargo reliably and thanklessly for the past nearly 40 years. But, with them now slowly being retired from service, there’s a ton of them lying around. So, how and where can you buy an old USPS truck for sale?

Since this old USPS postal truck is a government fleet vehicle, the chances of you registering it are extremely slim. But, beyond all that red tape and legal complexity, it’s still possible to buy a USPS truck for sale and own one. You might be able to find them for sale at your local USPS office, or being auctioned off by the local government.

You could also search around online marketplaces, specialty vehicle dealers, and private sellers might also want to get these old USPS trucks off their hands. With that being said, there are a few things you need to consider, like checking its legal status and getting the paperwork ready. Now, before you get too excited, there’s some good news and bad news.

Bad news first; most of these old Grumman LLV USPS trucks will likely get crushed, and they’re already being replaced by newer USPS trucks. But, the good news is that some of these old postal trucks will still find their way onto the open market or government surplus auctions. Here’s where you can find one…

Where Can You Find A USPS Truck For Sale?

Finding USPS Trucks For Sale

That said, it’s a matter of being patient and observant of any car surplus auctions in your city or state. There’s a chance that you’ll see some of these old USPS trucks on auction or for sale, and you might even be able to inspect them before you bid or buy. As these iconic trucks phase out, their nostalgic value only rises. As such, it could be worth checking them out.

If you are committed to buying an old USPS truck for sale, here’s where you’re most likely able to find them:

  • Government Surplus AuctionsFederal agencies, such as the USPS, often hold surplus auctions to get rid of old equipment that they no longer need. Just be on the lookout for GSA auctions and government fleet vehicle sales, as well as specialty dealerships. There are plenty of examples and tons of websites that offer these if you just Google “GSA auctions”. Signing up to these sites gives you access to a list of upcoming auctions. These are complete with detailed descriptions of each vehicle, starting bid amounts, and inspection details.
  • Local USPS OfficesSometimes, it pays to go directly to the source. With the USPS now transitioning to newer models, many local post offices will be looking to offload their old fleet. Pop into your local office or give them a call. They might provide insider information on upcoming sales or direct you to the appropriate contact. It’s a more hands-on approach, but it could yield surprising results.

Other Places Where You Can Find USPS Trucks For Sale

While the aforementioned two sources we noted earlier are the places where you’re most likely to find an old USPS truck for sale, they’re not the only sources. Here are a few other places where you might be able to find an old USPS truck for sale, going through online marketplaces, specialty dealers, and private sellers.

  • Specialized DealersBelieve it or not, there are specialized dealers dedicated to unique vehicles, including old USPS trucks. They often have a network that sources these vehicles, ensuring you get one in decent condition. However, their expertise might come at a premium. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch mail truck and are willing to invest a little extra, this might be the route for you.
  • Online MarketplacesOnline marketplaces can be invaluable in hunting down old USPS trucks. Sellers might list their newly acquired mail trucks, offering you a chance to negotiate prices or even barter. However, always exercise caution when making online transactions. Ensure you inspect the truck in person and verify all details before sealing the deal.
  • Private SellersOccasionally, private sellers acquire old USPS postal trucks, either from auctions or direct purchases. They might use them for a while and then decide to sell. Keeping an eye on automotive classifieds in local newspapers or community boards can lead to such hidden gems. While they might be a tad pricier, sometimes these trucks come with modifications or restorations that add value.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying A USPS Truck?

If you are thinking of buying an old Grumman LLV USPS truck, there are a few things you need to know and consider before getting into one. Here are just a few of them. These range from reliability issues to things you might need to think of when buying one:

1. These Old Grumman LLV Trucks Love To Catch On Fire

The biggest problem with a Grumman LLV USPS truck is that these trucks love to catch on fire. According to reputable sources, more than 120 of these trucks caught fire in the last 5 years. Still, there are more than 140,000 of these trucks out there. As such, this number might seem rather insignificant when we put the numbers into perspective.

What is good though, is that there were no fatalities reported. Most of these were gas station fires that happened when the vehicle was refilled with gasoline. Overall, it’s a pretty reliable vehicle when everything is considered. That’s why the postal service chose it as the main workhorse. Nonetheless, it’s worth being cautious if you’re trying to own one.

2. A Lack Of Air Conditioning And Modern Safety Measures

When it comes to other flaws with the Grumman LLV USPS truck, it is worth mentioning the safety and comfort aspects. With this truck, there are no safety measures around that will make you feel safer in it. There is no ABS, no airbags, and other essentials that are available in other trucks out there. Not an issue if you’re used to older cars, though.

Another thing to consider is comfort because, with the Grumman LLV postal truck, there’s no air conditioning. So, during those hot summer days, you’ll likely find it hard to cool yourself. So, I’d recommend carrying a wet towel around your neck to wipe your face from all the sweat. Or, if you’re willing to mod it, you might be able to install an aftermarket AC unit.

3. Age-Related Wear And Tear & Limited Parts Availability

Another thing to remember is that many USPS trucks, especially the Grumman LLVs, have been on the roads since the 1980s and 1990s. This means that they’ve encountered decades of wear and tear. From rusting undercarriages due to salt exposure in winter climates to brittle rubber seals causing water leaks, age hasn’t been kind to these trucks.

If you’re eyeing an older model in particular, be prepared for a host of replacement parts and repairs. Moreover, old components and outdated mechanical designs can translate to a less-than-smooth driving experience. It’s not made any easier knowing that spare parts aren’t as widely available as regular passenger vehicles, too. Therefore, maintenance can be tough.

4. Left-Hand Drive Challenge & Noisy Driving Experience

USPS trucks, specifically the Grumman LLV, are left-hand drive vehicles. This design is intentional to make mail delivery efficient. However, for everyday use, this setup can be challenging, especially in areas where right-hand driving is the norm. As such, things like parking, drive-thrus, and even simple tasks like paying tolls can become complicated exercises.

Also, they’re pretty noisy to ride in. The combination of an old engine design, minimal insulation, and boxy structure leads to a noisier ride. This might not be the best choice for those seeking a quiet, relaxing drive. But if you’re into retro vibes and can handle the noise, it’s a unique experience. They’re not really designed for higher-speed highway driving, either.

In addition, be prepared for a larger-than-usual fuel bill. Fuel efficiency wasn’t a top priority when designing the Grumman LLV. Owners of these old USPS trucks have reported underwhelming gas mileage. When compared to modern vehicles boasting improved fuel efficiency, owning a USPS truck might feel like you’re burning way more cash at the gas station.

5. Checking The Condition When Buying An Old USPS Truck

The first thing you need to do when you’re browsing old USPS trucks is to give them a proper inspection. This is particularly so given that postal trucks go through years, if not decades, of hard use. These can lead to pretty excessive wear and tear. You need to learn if the engine works right, if it goes into gear, or if it does have some major rust issues.

Remember also that spare parts for these trucks are scarce and it’s hard to come by something. These trucks were not made for public use. So, you can expect that you will not come by to do something for it on eBay. Or if you find something, it will likely cost you a whole fortune to purchase it. That’s why a good inspection before you make a purchase is essential.

6. Inspecting Its Road-Legal Status Before Driving It

Since the USPS postal truck is a government-sanctioned vehicle, you need to make sure that whoever’s trying to sell you one complies with the law. This means that they have the legal right to sell these vehicles. Not just about anyone can sell these trucks. On top of that, if you’re thinking of driving one daily, making it road-legal is also a vital modification.

These postal trucks, if intended for public use, need to be retrofitted with seat belts and proper doors that will allow them to be driven on public roads. Seat belts are one of the essentials you need for this truck. So, if the USPS truck for sale that you want to purchase doesn’t have them, you need to install them by yourself if you want to make it road-legal.

Finding USPS Trucks For Sale


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