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Why An MOT Is Important For Safe Driving

At its most basic level, an MOT inspection ensures that a vehicle is roadworthy. Without one, your car could be perfectly safe but there is no way of having this officially recognised. True, there are some tests – such as emissions testing, for instance – which are not directly related to driver and passenger safety but many of the inspection points covered in an MOT will be focussed on how safe, or otherwise, your car is to drive. What are some of the most important ones?

Seatbelt Checks

Your MOT will include a check of all of the seatbelts in your car. One of the inspection points will involve making sure that the seatbelt’s buckle sits firmly in its holster without wobbling around. Another thing that will be looked at is the locking mechanism of each belt which ensures that you will be held in place if and when the car brakes hard. Finally, the webbing of each seatbelt will be inspected to make sure it is not worn or fraying, something that might lead to a failure if you were to suffer a collision.

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Tyre Checks

Any MOT inspection will focus on the state of your wheels and, more specifically, your tyres. Wheels which are not lined up properly or that have balding tyres will be deemed as unsafe and lead to your car failing its MOT unless the problems are immediately resolved. Equally, tyres with cracks or bulges in their sides may indicate rubber compound degradation, something that means you could suffer from an unsafe blowout at any moment. If you are looking for a local recommendation: DAT Tyres offer the best MOT in London and surrounding localities, ideal if you need any wheel alignment or replacement tyre services as a result of your inspection.

Electrical Checks

Several electrical systems play a role in car safety. Your heating must work, for example, or it will be unsafe to travel in cold conditions. Equally, your headlamps, indicator lights and brake lights must all be in good working order to pass an MOT. The same goes for your fog lamp and reversing light, of course, things that most drivers never even think about as basic safety systems.

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