Would You Ever Drive A Shape-Shifting City Car?

Mobility has become a hotly debated topic these days, and cars have become the main target. They’re big, polluting, and for some folks, a bit too unnecessary. That’s especially so with cities becoming ever more crowded and urban planning getting even messier. But, many of you still have places to be and public transportation isn’t always that convenient. So, what’s next?

Well, perhaps the idea of a super-tiny, electrified, and versatile city car might fix this. One such example is the CT-1, penned by City Transformer, an electric mobility start-up. But what makes it any different from other, similar vehicles that Big Auto’s made over the years? For starters, a CT-1 features a distinctive shape-shifting chassis that can transform its form factor at will.

Is This The Future Or Urban Mobility

At the press of a button, the CT-1 can alter its length between 1 meter and to 1.4-metres. It means that at the smallest possible size, it has the manoeuvrability and ease of movement like a bike. On the other hand, the CT-1 could otherwise transform into something big enough that it gives you the comfort, safety, and high-speed stability of a regular car, capable of doing 90km/h.

Compared to an actual car, the CT-1 is around 75% smaller and saves 80% on battery weight. That transforming wheelbase alone might make this the perfect car for a jam-packed city like London or Paris. It’s also a two-seater, so you could still bring a friend with you. Granted, the CT-1 will only hit production in Q4 2024, with a very attainable £10,730 starting price.

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