Alfa Extend Deal With Sauber Motorsport For 2021 F1 Season

Alfa Romeo is often mentioned as one of the most exciting car manufactures for the past and present in motor car brands. When you add Sauber into the mix who came onto the map from hill climb races in the 70s when there was a lot let red tape to worry about and your main sponsorship was a packet of cigarettes we could end up with something very special indeed. This is currently the case at the moment in Formula One and the two present-day partners have renewed their marriage valves for the 2021 season.

Both Alfa Romeo and Sauber have commented and shown excitement and hoping it will “bear fruit in the long term”. As they already have been together for the last three years I am sure hoping that it will all come together next year.

At the moment Alfa Romeo is sitting in 16 & 17th. Which is not incredible but from what both have commented, I am expecting some excitement for them to start the climb into the top 10. After all they have finished 8th twice in the last three years. Fingers crossed for this well-oiled collaboration.

Sauber Assist With Road Going Cars

Sauber has also been given the keys to the production of most of the carbon components in the GTA and the more scaffolding friendly GTAm.

The possibility of driving an Alfa Romeo on the road with Formula One technology is extremely exciting and what a lot of boys and girls dream off. Yes, I am sure it will not be cheap but it does mean that we are taking a step in the right direction of lighter cars.

These new carbon parts are not just being used on the dashboard and the volume knob but something more substantial. Sauber is a little more exciting and will be looking in the direction of handling by how the air glues the car to asphalt with splitters to spoilers and everything in-between.

For the Imola F1 Alfa Romeo raced with a special livery which is in tribute to Italy with the wording “Welcome back, Imola” over the engine cover. This was also the 110th year anniversary for Alfa Romeo.

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