Alpine A424

Alpine’s Hypercar A424 Ramps Up Testing at Motorland

Second Phase Testing Takes the Limelight

Alpine’s A424 hypercar development is speeding ahead as the team wrapped up another round of testing at the Motorland circuit in Aragon, Spain. Clocking in 1,500 km, this round was an instrumental learning curve, with both short and long stints managed by ace drivers Nicolas Lapierre and Matthieu Vaxiviere.

This second phase was chiefly centred around understanding the car’s aerodynamics and fine-tuning its systems.

From Simulator to the Track

Earlier on, after the summer tests at Circuit Paul Ricard, Alpine and Signatech teams dived deep into refining the A424. They introduced some serious upgrades and even rolled out the car’s definitive management software. The next logical step?

Testing these new features first in simulators and then at the Lurcy-Lévis circuit, covering a solid 780 km in two days. This didn’t just validate the team’s choices but also fine-tuned the brakes, differential systems, and more. A top-notch preparation that led to a productive session at Aragon.

Alpine A424

Inside the Aragon Test Session

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of an intense two-day session at Motorland. Nicolas Lapierre alone covered 758 km on the first day, including two 36-lap runs in the afternoon. The main focus? Tweaking the car’s ride height to perfect its aerodynamics.

With long runs, the team probed the endurance of Michelin’s WEC 2024 tyres and the car’s thermal behaviour. The shorter runs, on the other hand, helped adjust aerodynamics, weight distribution, and the car’s hybrid system.

The team, not ones to waste time, also delved deeper into the car’s mechanical setup during these two days.

Looking Ahead

Fans of the Alpine A424, mark your calendars! The hypercar will hit the tracks at Jerez from 17 to 19 October for more tests. This comes right before the much-anticipated first endurance session in mid-November. But before that, the A424 will be back at Viry-Châtillon for the engineers to work their magic, fine-tuning ‘garage’ phases, and analysing electrical components.

Alpine A424

Word from the Team

Bruno Famin, VP at Alpine Motorsports, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s progress. “It’s been a jam-packed two days. We’re now done with the shakedown stages and are diving deep into fine-tuning the car’s systems and aerodynamics. We’re just starting, and there’s loads still to do. Our eyes are now set on the first endurance test and the homologation preparations.”

Philippe Sinault, the Alpine Endurance Team Principal, echoed similar sentiments. “The tests at Motorland were pivotal. After the shakedown tasks, we’ve now begun to integrate all of the car’s components – the hybrid system, engine, and chassis. The team’s seamless operation was evident, and the discussions were more geared towards the significant challenges ahead. There’s a mountain of work still pending, but we’re undoubtedly on the right path.”

So, UK car enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled. The Alpine A424 is revving up, and we’re in for some thrilling times ahead!

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