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Aston Martin Create the AM37

Sometimes life can be pretty tough. You may drive your Aston Martin Vanquish Volante back and fourth from your mansion to the yacht club and part of you has always thought, “I wish I had an Aston Martin boat then my life would be compete”. If this is you then it’s your lucky day!

Aston Martin’s Speedboat – AM37

Aston Martin have teamed up with Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design, who specialise in boat design and naval architecture. Together with Aston Martin they have created the AM37 a speedboat that measures, you guessed it, 37 feet long. Which is just longer than two Aston Martins parked end to end.

Aston Martin Quintessence (2)

So far we have only seen 3 images of the vessel. Straight away we can see the Aston Martin design links, particularly in the driving console. But without a doubt it is one of the best looking speedboats that I have seen. I wonder how long it will be until we see James Bond sporting one of these boats.

hi-tech composite structure allied to luxury sports car-like handling, performance and comfort – Quintessence Yachts

From the quote above the car certainly sounds like it is worth checking out. We hear it will incorporate voice control and touchscreen display for the navigation and infotainment system. In true Aston Martin style the yacht will be available in two versions; one being the AM37 with a top speed of around 50 knots (57 mph) and the AM37 S that will be able to do 60 knots (70 mph).

Aston Martin Quintessence (3)

I think this is the first time we have featured a boat, but hey it’s still interesting to us petrol heads and I certainly wouldn’t mind a go in it.

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