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Aston Martin Opens its First Showroom in Mexico

Aston Martin has recently entered the Mexican market through the opening of their first dealership in the country; a bold statement that shows that the brand is committed to its customers in the region. It is said that a large quota of their future sales is likely to come from the area

Aston Martin Open Its First Showroom in Mexico City

The showroom and offices are located in the exclusive Polanco neighbourhood in Mexico City, where 6 cars can be displayed inside in the luxury and glamorously designed building. New customers can now picture their customisation to cars in the showroom rather than having to make assumptions online as they would without the local dealership.

The press were invited to take a look around the opening in the morning to get a taste of the showroom and know the details regarding sales and deployment plans for 2014. It is safe to say many more Aston Martin’s will be roaming the streets of Mexico soon.

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