Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Aston Martin’s Valkyrie Screams Its Heart Out

An F1 track hasn’t sounded this good in a long, long time. And… The actual maker of said noise isn’t even an F1 car. Granted, Aston Martin’s already working pretty hard to make this as close to an old-school Formula 1 racer as much as it can. The Valkyrie certainly sounds like I’ve been teleported back to the 1990s. It’s especially the case with the (somehow) even hotter, track-only AMR Pro variant.

Of the already rare Valkyries, just 40 of the AMR Pros will be made. They’ll feature significant tweaks and fine-tuning to make it more at home on the track. Even the regular Valkyries already have aero that surpasses Le Mans Hypercar regulations and is knocking on the door to what Formula 1 cars are now capable of. With that being said, the aerodynamics isn’t, in my view, the Valkyrie’s sole party piece.

An Angelic Engine Note

Oh, for that, you’ll only have to listen to understand just how important the Valkyrie is. Underneath all that carbon-fibre cladding, you’ll find a Cosworth-tuned 6.5-litre V12. Combined with some hybrid bits and pieces, it handily outputs a mighty 1,000hp. Better still, it can rev all the way to an eardrum-piercing 11,000RPM. Hence, the aural pleasure as it recently drove around the Bahrain F1 circuit.

It’s pretty much the only place where you could feasibly tame such a monstrous beast. After all, it was made with no rules or regulations in mind. You’ll be seeing more of it soon, as Aston Martin is finally accelerating a batch of Valkyrie shipments to those lucky few owners. Let’s hope that further delays can be avoided, because who wouldn’t want to see and hear this thing obliterate our senses (and ears).

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