Auto Vox Solar1 Pro Reversing Camera Review

Getting out of a new car and stepping back into an old one, you’d no doubt miss those handy gadgets that make driving them so much easier. Among the best additions that newer cars have is the backup camera. It’s amazing just how much more you can see after getting used to rearview cameras all these years. But if your ancient jalopy doesn’t have one fitted, maybe consider the Auto Vox Solar1 Pro.

I know that there are plenty of other high-end backup cameras out there. So, you may be wondering, what’s so special about this one? Well, between its camera quality, installation process, and general ease of use, there’s a lot to like about the Auto Vox Solar1 Pro. Whether it’s for a tiny hatchback or a giant campervan, it’s a pretty useful accessory to have. But, is it worth the high tag?

A Good View Out The Back

The main element of any backup camera is the camera itself. Oftentimes, cheaper offerings only give you some ancient sensor from yesteryear. But on the Auto Vox Solar1 Pro, you’re getting a 1080p HD image sensor, which offers you pretty good video quality. It also works rather well when there’s not a lot of light – such as reversing at night – which should grant ample visibility of what’s behind you.

Speaking of, there’s the camera unit itself. Unlike some other backup cameras on the market, it could transmit the video feed wirelessly. Thus, that should spare you the time, energy, and money required to route a mess of wires throughout your car. In fact, you don’t even need to run a power cable to the camera. Instead, it has a 3,350mAh battery pack, which is recharged through a bank of solar panels.

Good Enough Screen Real Estate?

Its video feed is then sent over to the front, where you could mount the accompanying 5-inch screen. It’s not the most featured-packed or techy piece of display out there, but for the sake of seeing what goes on behind your car, it’s more than enough. This display does need power, though. For that, you could simply plug it into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter. To turn it on, just press a single button.

The screen should now light up, and the video feed of what’s behind you will soon appear. How long the screen is left on can be configured. By default, you can leave it turned on for either 60 seconds or up to 2 minutes. But, you could also set it to anywhere in between. Overall, it’s pretty easy to use, in addition to taking little to no time at all to install and get going. So, how do you put it together, then?

Installation Done In Mere Minutes

Auto Vox claims that the Solar1 Pro can be installed in mere minutes. Indeed, you could. The camera is mounted to your license plate bracket. In the box, it comes with an adapter plate for an American-style registration plate. Though, it could easily be used with UK plates, as well. The installation hence requires using the included double-sided sticky tape, with the addition of a couple of screws.

Again, there’s no need to drill holes or route cabling through your car and the camera is completely waterproof. As far as features are concerned, the Auto Vox Solar1 Pro is well worth the price. Plus you can expect high-quality worry-free after-sales via Facebook or

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