Avoiding Ghost Faults in Vehicle Workshops: A Comprehensive Guide by CTEK

In today’s era of technology-driven automotive workshops, the procedure of identifying and rectifying vehicular issues has seemingly evolved. Yet, one recurring problem that continues to perplex technicians is the phenomenon of ‘ghost faults’. The experts at CTEK, a global leader in battery charging solutions, offer guidance on understanding and avoiding these misleading error codes.

What are Ghost Faults?

In essence, a ghost fault is a deceptive error code that appears when using a diagnostic tool on a vehicle. It’s an error that seems to originate from one component but actually arises from another, predominantly due to a low battery voltage. For example, a vehicle might shut down non-essential systems like the air conditioning, sound system, or the start/stop function to protect an unsupported battery. These shutdowns can then be wrongly flagged as faults.

When technicians attempt to repair based on these deceptive error codes, they are essentially chasing after issues that don’t exist. This not only wastes valuable time and resources but can also risk the reputation of the workshop.

CTEK’s Solutions to Ghost Faults

To mitigate the occurrence of ghost faults, CTEK advocates a two-fold approach:

  1. Test the Battery: Upon the vehicle’s arrival in the workshop, the battery should be immediately tested to ascertain if it’s suffering from low voltage. CTEK’s PRO Battery Tester serves as an exemplary tool for this purpose.
  2. Connect to a Battery Support Unit: Before diving into any diagnostic work, it’s paramount to connect the vehicle to a battery support unit in supply mode. Tools like the CTEK MXTS40, PRO60, and PRO120 allow technicians to stipulate the required voltage, circumventing the onset of potential ghost faults.

Maintaining a steady power supply is paramount to the effective operation of diagnostic equipment. Voltage fluctuations can result in misleading error codes, thus skewing the accuracy of diagnostic readings.

Mark Poole, the Sales Manager for CTEK, shared valuable insights, stating, “Around 50% of vehicles entering the workshop require battery attention. Using a smart battery charger and support unit not only ensures consistent battery support but also charges it during the process. This proactive approach guarantees that technicians won’t be stymied by ghost fault reports.”

CTEK’s Professional Edge

CTEK’s PRO range of products is the epitome of efficiency and reliability. These products offer stable voltage, adjustable voltage settings, and safeguards against de-rating. Designed to be compatible with all 12V batteries, they also feature automatic parallel load compensation. For a deeper dive into the PRO range, interested parties can visit CTEK’s official website.

A Glimpse into CTEK

Founded in Dalarna, Sweden, CTEK stands at the forefront of battery charging solutions, predominantly in vehicle charging. Their products span a spectrum from 12V & 24V battery chargers to state-of-the-art EV charging solutions. CTEK’s unwavering commitment to innovation and greener mobility sets them apart in the industry, making them a beacon for ESG standards.

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