Charge Your Car Day: The Rising Cost of Neglecting Your Vehicle Battery

In our busy lives, it’s easy to neglect the things that work silently in the background. When was the last time you thought about the battery in your car? Likely not until it failed you at the most inconvenient time. October 5th, 2023, marks “Charge Your Car Day,” a day spearheaded by CTEK, the global leader in battery charging solutions. Recent research by CTEK and the RAC reveals startling numbers: poor battery maintenance stalls 70,000 motorists per year and costs up to £28 million. In this post, we delve into why you should take battery maintenance seriously.

The Reality of Battery Breakdowns

According to research by the RAC, up to 40% of all breakdowns in the UK are battery-related. In a bid to manage rising living costs, people are driving less, inadvertently leading to more battery breakdowns and costing motorists upwards of £400 annually. Electric vehicle owners aren’t exempt either; even in EVs, a leading cause of breakdowns is a depleted 12V battery.

The Cost of Charging Vs. Replacement

Given the high cost of living, many are hesitant to add “battery charging” to their list of expenses. However, the power required to recharge your car battery equals the energy consumed by watching TV for five hours. It is decidedly more cost-effective than a £130 battery replacement.

Taking Care of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

For electric and plug-in hybrid cars, the 12V auxiliary battery is crucial for running essential accessories like lighting, air conditioning, and radio. Charging your 12V battery to 100% requires an external battery charger, which not only maintains the battery but also extends its life.

Testimonials from Real Users

Richard Wilkerson, a CTEK customer and car enthusiast, shares his experience. “I purchased 2 MXS 5.0s for their de-sulphation capabilities. Our cars are often stored in a garage without climate control. It’s great to start the car without hesitation after being away for a month. My CTEK’s have paid for themselves.”

Urgent vs. Preventive Care

If you find yourself stranded, CTEK’s CS FREE adaptive booster is a smarter choice than traditional jump starters. Its adaptive boost technology not only offers a quick fix but also prolongs your battery’s health.

What Type of Charger Are You?

  • Auto Enthusiast: You regularly maintain your car and understand the importance of a healthy battery.
  • Conscientious Commuter: You do the essential checks but still rely on a backup like a jump starter.
  • A to B: Your car is merely a means to an end. You haven’t looked under the hood but know the number of your breakdown service.
  • Magical Motorists: You’re oblivious to the mechanical aspects of your car and just hope for the best.


Charge Your Car Day isn’t merely a gimmick; it’s a wake-up call to motorists. In these challenging economic times, every penny saved counts. Regular battery maintenance can save you not just money but the inconvenience of an unexpected breakdown.

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