Insurance Approved – R8 Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard

In a world where car theft is constantly on the rise, protecting our beloved four-wheeled companion is now getting harder and harder, even more so as thieves get even cleverer. I’ve seen loads of ingenious solutions that claim to help with deterring theft, such as GPS tracking to steering wheel locks and even kill switches.

However, I found that sometimes, the best solution is to simply install a solid, immovable obstacle to stop thieves from driving off with your car. This is where driveway bollards come in. See, gates and fences may appear indestructible and infallible, which is true for some of the pricier, elaborate solutions out there.

Yet, even in those instances, it’s surprisingly easy, for a thief with enough determination and the right tools and techniques, to pull down a gate. Meanwhile, a really good driveway bollard, such as Bollard Security and their R8 heavy-duty telescopic bollard that you see here, could handily resist against ramming.

And, it’s far tougher to pull down or get one out of the way. Although this might appear to be somewhat overkill for most regular people, I can say that it’s absolutely a must-have. If you’re a car enthusiast, just like most of us here at Motor Verso, with that one or two (or more) special cars that you want to keep safe.

Alternatively, if you’re the lucky owner of a luxury car that might be more susceptible to theft. Or, if you’re a motoring journalist, with expensive press cars on loan that are enticing targets for thieves… A driveway bollard is a fantastic way to improve the security of your home and driveway, without breaking the bank.

Driveway Bollard >>> A Traditional Driveway Gate

For the most part, a driveway bollard – more so once you see just how efficient the folks at Bollard Security are when it comes to helping you install these driveway bollards – requires way less work to install and get going when compared to installing a traditional gate or fence and some walls around your property.

This significantly helps to reduce cost and complexity on your end. Yet, driveway bollards are statistically more effective at providing improved security than some off-the-shelf gates, which as I mentioned earlier, can be pulled down fairly easily. Plus, bollards still keep that openness around your home or driveway.

For the added peace of mind that driveway bollards afford you, this R8 telescopic bollard from the folks at Bollard Security is, I think, well worth the price that they’re asking for. When you include the cost of them sending some people over and installing each bollard, you’re looking at £686.40 (at the time of writing).

On the other hand, for just a single R8 bollard, you’re looking at £396.00, if you’re considering outsourcing the installation or if you’re planning to do it yourself. Granted, bear in mind that this price tag is just for a single bollard, which is pretty respectable for a solid, easy-to-use, simple, yet effective driveway bollard.

For most driveways here in the UK, you might have to consider at least two driveway bollards (or more) if you want to fully block off your driveway. While there are slightly cheaper and more cost-effective bollards offered by Bollard Security, the R8 model here is one of their stronger options, thanks to how it’s built.

Robust Construction & Approved By Insurance Companies

Specifically, Bollard Security’s R8 heavy-duty telescopic driveway bollard has a thick 7mm galvanised steel wall, which is far more resistant to ramming. In fact, it’s even classed as an anti-ram bollard. Furthermore, it comes with an anti-drill, pick-resistant, and tamper-proof lock, and each one comes with a coded key.

This makes it way tougher to bypass and unlock the bollard – which you normally do with the included key to lower it. As such, the R8, and most driveway bollards like it, are a fantastic option and security solution for most home driveways, and from what I’ve seen, they’ve been quite effective at deterring car thieves.

Moreover, if you’re a business owner that needs to safeguard your premises, it could also pull double-duty as a very good commercial-grade bollard, as well. Dimensions-wise, the Bollard Security R8 is 670mm tall (once it’s retracted above ground; which it normally sits flush underground) and 90mm in diameter.

On top of that, another awesome selling point of the R8 and these driveway bollards is that the initial cost of installing them can be offset down the line. The R8 has been certified as an insurance-approved product, and it could aid in reducing premiums for your motor insurance, particularly when it comes to theft.

This is thanks to the fact that driveway bollards have been proven to be incredibly effective at mitigating, stopping, or at least reducing the risk or likelihood of car theft. So, if you’re thinking of upping your home and driveway security, consider getting a driveway bollard like the R8 to safeguard your car, too.

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