Koenigsegg Agera RS 3

Million Pound Sellout – Koenigsegg’s Agera RS

We’re a mere 10 months down the line from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show where Koenigsegg unveiled their new Agera RS, and they’ve already sold out. The limited run of 25 vehicles, with a price tag of over £1,000,000 per car, has been snapped up by the world’s richest and luckiest, meaning we’ll have to keep playing the lottery until they release another bundle of madness.

Labelled by some as the little brother to the One:1, the 1160bhp hypercar is Koenigsegg’s fastest ever seller, and probably one of the most ridiculous cars we’ll ever see on the road. It’ll allegedly make tracks to 186mph from a standstill in just 14 seconds, and 6 seconds after that it’ll be at a face-peeling 250mph.

It’s effectively a meaner version of Koenigsegg’s Agera R, with a much more track-oriented chassis setup and splitter, an active rear spoiler and lightweight sound insulation. So all you’ll be able to hear is that engine? Oh what a chore. I imagine the closest I’ll get to experiencing the noise is when one of the 25 gets snapped in London by some kids and flung onto Youtube. Still, serves me right for not having £1,000,000 to throw at a car.

Image Source: Koenigsegg Press

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