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My Summer Car Mods – 14 Best Mods Available Anywhere Online

My Summer Car is a seemingly simple game that puts you in an empty house with a teenager’s mindset. Your parents left you on your own for the summer, so bored out of your mind, you decide to fix your dad’s old, rusty car. Time flies once you start playing this game, but there’s one way to make it better: mods. Here’s a list of the most popular My Summer Car mods available online.

There are several hundred different mods for MSC, but not all of them are of great quality or are that useful to be honest. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the community’s most favourite most which are either top-rated or most downloaded.

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Bear in mind that I haven’t arranged them in any particular order, so please go over all of them and pick and download your favourite ones. Here’s a shortcut for some of them so you can browse through this article faster and easier:

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MSC Mod Loader

This is a loader and installer for mods, which you’ll need in order to run most mods I’ll be listing in this article. I’ll highlight different links for the MSC Mod Loader several times throughout this article, but you can get it from Nexus Mods here or through GitHub here.

As I said, you’ll need this mod as most other mods require it, so you might as well download it right now before we get to the really fun stuff.

Show Bolt Size V2

If you often find yourself mixing up bolt sizes or having to constantly double-check them, then this mod is perfect for you. It’s the most downloaded mod on Nexus Mods, and for good reason. It makes life so much easier and the game so much more enjoyable by taking out frustrating issues its developers should have thought of in the beginning.

If you’re not interested in seeing actual bolt sizes on the screen, you can custom-tune the mod to show only if the bolt is smaller or larger than the wrench, and indicate by how much. Once you use this mod, you’ll never be able to go back to the base vanilla game again. It is without a doubt one of the most useful My Summer Car mods available.

You can check it out here.

Tangerine FZ-120 Pickup

Another really great mod that seems to be extremely popular within the community is the Tangerine pickup truck. It unlocks an entirely new form of transportation, one which has a large bed in the back big enough to carry plenty of stuff. If you love utilitarian vehicles, you’ll definitely love this one.

The devs created an extremely detailed mod from scratch, giving it paintable body panels (door, body and hood), openable doors, hood, and tailgate, and even a custom interior complete with gauges, knobs, a glovebox, seat belts, plus interior lighting.

To make sure it works properly, they’ve gone the extra length and integrated it with the storyline in the game. This means you can take it to drag races, give lifts, etc. If you’re one of those people who love to mod the mods, you’ll be pleased to hear it comes with custom skin support and a working template. If you’re decent with Photoshop, creating a custom paint job should definitely be on your radar.

You can check this mod out here.

Carry More

As its name implies, this is a mod you should check out if you’re fed up of constantly maxing out your inventory slots (backpack). Having used a similar mod for other games prior to My Summer Car, this was definitely one of the first things I downloaded as I did not want the hassle of constantly having to switch my inventory out.

The mod works simple enough and is intuitive to use. You press ‘E’ to pick up items, ‘X’ to toggle the inventory itself, ‘Y’ to drop the last item you were using, ‘CTRL + Y’ to drop all items from their slots, and ‘CTRL + X’ to open the mod settings menu. To work this mod you’ll need MSC Mod Loader.

Carry More is not frequently updated, so you might encounter some bugs or glitches if you’re using it often. The most severe issue that can happen is you can lose all your backpack contents should you die or save the game at the wrong time. You can read more about it at the link provided below, but basically, the developer issues a warning that anyone using this mod is doing so at their own risk.

Personally, I’ve never had an issue with this mod, but then again, I’ve never played MSC as much as some people have. If you’re not worried about possibly losing your entire backpack at some point, and just want to get on with it and enjoy the game, then definitely download this mod here.

Modern Optimization Plugin

If you’ve got a slower PC or one that stutters and freezes when running the game, you’ll most definitely love this mod, as it’s one of the absolute best My Summer Car mods out there.

MOP (Modern Optimization Plugin) works as an FPS improver mod, drastically boosting framerates and making the game playable even on weaker machinery. Expect anywhere between 20-40 FPS, but I’ve personally seen YouTube videos where you can gain as much as 50 FPS!

The great thing is that this mod is a standalone unit. It works all on its own, so you don’t need to interact with it or remember any key bindings or such. This mod also requires MSC Mod Loader, which if you haven’t already gotten it from the link above, you can do so here. This is the Race Department version, just in case you don’t want to get it through GitHub.

If you’re getting great framerates you shouldn’t worry about downloading this mod, as it’s purely an optimization feature and one designed to work for slower PCs. Either way, it’s a great tool for people on older laptops and PCs who still want to enjoy My Summer Car.

You can find Modern Optimization Plugin here.

Tire Racks

My inner OCD loves this mod so much, I hesitated to place it first on this list but thought not everyone would appreciate it as much as I do. This is a mod for people who like to keep things organized and looking neat and tidy. It’s not strictly more practical or more useful than any other mod on this list, but it’s an absolute must if you obsess over even the smallest details.

You can find racks in the game itself, but they’re scattered all over the place. There’s one rack at the landfill site, but the whereabouts of the rest are unknown and random. You’ll have to comb the entire city to find them all, and that is if you ever manage to do so.

You can mount racks in 16 different positions, including the garage wall, which is my personal favourite. You can always remove them and place them in a different position if you’re not satisfied with their current placement, so don’t think too hard about where to position them initially.

Obviously, like almost everything else in the game, the racks are customizable too. You can paint them with a spray can and go absolutely crazy on the design if that’s what you’re into.

Although you can store most things in them, tire racks are perfect for… well, tires! It allows you to neatly organize your tires and leave the garage floor clean and uncluttered.

You can find Tire Racks, one of the ultimate My Summer Car mods for OCD freaks right here.

Trailer Hitch System

This is a mod that supports another mod, so let me explain before I throw a load more information your way. The Trailer Hitch System mod adds hitches to the game’s cars so you can attach and tow trailers around.

This is a framework mod though, meaning it only adds the hitch and the mounting point for the trailer, not the trailer itself. If you actually want to tow trailers and carry stuff around, you’ll have to download individual trailer mods.

The great thing about this mod is that it supports other custom mods too. Remember that Tangerine FZ-120 Pickup mod I wrote about just a few paragraphs up? The Trailer Hitch System adds a trailer hitch for the pickup as well, despite it being an aftermarket community mod and not a default vanilla car.

It’s been viewed over 30,000 times on Nexus Mods and has had almost 10,000 unique downloads, making it one of the most popular My Summer Car Mods out there. When you’re done fixing up cars and racing, and just want to explore the game and the city boundaries some more, this is a great mod because it allows you carry everything you need in the back.

You can check it out here.

Rally Spotlights

If you’re a massive fan of rallying like I am, you’ll adore this mod because it brings a bit of that rallying spirit to a game that’s not exactly motorsport-inspired. This mod adds extremely bright wide-beam spotlights as a mounted component for the Satsuma (which is effectively an old Mk1/Mk2 Ford Escort).

These spotlights work like any other car part, so they’re not fixed or built into the car model. You can unmount them, attach them back on, and even break them off in a crash. You will need to screw them on with bolts to prevent them from coming off.

Like the tire racks mentioned above, you can also paint the spotlights using a spray can or visit Fleetari’s Repair Shop for a much more thorough job. They have to be physically on the car when you visit the repair shop though, so do bear that in mind.

You can turn these lights off by flicking the switch at the top of the roof, just above the rearview mirror, to ‘On’. They will wear out the battery if you leave them on, as they’ve been specifically developed to drain the battery slowly to make the game seem more realistic. If you’re a fan of covered-up spotlights, you can buy special shroud covers from Fleetari’s and mount them on.

If you’re decent with Photoshop and want to make this mod truly your own, you can use any of the provided templates to custom-color them or edit the texture inside the RallyLights folder. If you find your custom texture isn’t loading, restart the game and try again, as that usually solves the issue. The game loads textures on startup, so editing them while in-game won’t actually render the new textures.

You can download this mod through Nexus Mods here.

Colorful Gauges

Words can’t express how much this mod improves the game, especially for night driving. Giving you the opportunity to completely customize each and every car gauge in the game, you can play around with this mod until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome or become bored of fine-tuning the values.

If you’re feeling race-y and want to go out for a spirited drive, choose a livelier colour like red or orange, play some hype music, and enjoy yourself. What I often do is tweak the gauges to have this really nice and soft purple-pink colour that reminds me of the late 80s and early 90s.

I then like to go out for a relaxing cruise and take in the surroundings. I’ll often boot up YouTube and play some chillwave/synthwave retro songs, and picture myself exploring an unknown city or area at night. It’s a great way to relax and unwind.

You can find this mod here. It has over 12,000 unique downloads and nearly 300 endorsements from registered users, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, give the quality of it.

Fast Travel – My Summer Car Mods

I don’t usually like to fast travel as I feel that’s cheating in most games, but when you’ve got things to do in the real world or just want to get to the good bits of the game quickly, this mod does absolute wonders.

It allows you to fast travel to known locations on foot. It’ll calculate stats gained while doing so based on the distance between your current position and the fast travel target you’ve selected (if you were to walk there on foot). You can’t choose a random position on the map as there are 12 preselected locations, but it works well enough as they’re scattered all across the place.

The only caveat is that you have to visit each of the 12 locations in order to unlock them, which I guess is fair enough. As with most mods covered in this article, you’ll need MSC Mod Loader. In case you still haven’t downloaded it, it’s the first mod on this list and I’ve linked to several different download locations up there.

You can check out this mod here.

External (Chase) Cam

I love using the in-car camera as it provides another layer of realism on top of the game, but I can see why people would have loved an external camera provided by the game developers. Someone else apparently had the same thought, so they’ve decided to create this: a mod specifically designed to allow you to view yourself driving from the chase position.

It works similar to how the camera works in any of the GTA games, giving you a clear 360 view as seen from behind, of the car and its immediate surroundings. Personally, I haven’t used this mod and I don’t think I ever will, but for anyone who wants to, feel free to use it. Also if you want the best mods for GTA 4 read our guide.

Pressing ‘C’ allows you to activate and deactivate the camera while driving while pressing ‘TAB’ allows you to look behind. The camera will reset itself (auto-center) after a certain period of inactivity, and it’ll show speed and rpm. One note: if you use this mod for a vehicle that’s not in the initial config file, you’ll have a broken camera and it will not work properly. Open the mod settings to fine-tune it for each vehicle.

You can download it through Nexus Mods here.

Repair Hammer – My Summer Car Mods

This is a silly mod, but then again, this is only a game, so why not have a bit of fun. Repair Hammer installs a giant hammer which can both destroy the car and repair it, depending on how you use it. The right mouse click works as you’d expect it to: it’ll smash any body panel you aim the hammer at to bits.

Use the left mouse click though, and you’ll repair the damaged body panels and restore them to their former glory. The repair hammer can only do so much though and it isn’t a miracle cure for everything, so there is some damage that it’ll never be able to fully repair. In that case, you’ll still have to visit Fleetari’s body repair shop.

If you love wielding a giant hammer around pretending you’re Thor, but have the ability to create as well as destroy, you can check out this mod here.

Attachable Roofrack – My Summer Car Mods

This is an attachable roofrack for the Satsuma. It’s a great way to add more space to your car and make it that little bit more practical and spacious. If you think it ruins the look of the car then don’t download it, but I love how utilitarian it makes it.

By default the rack is hidden and you can’t see it, so you’ll have to search through your family’s yard and find it there to mount it to the car. Like literally any other mod on this list (that’s a component and not a plugin), the roofrack is paintable too.

You can find this mod here.

DonnerTechRacing ECU – My Summer Car Mods

This is, by far and away, one of the most complicated and extensive My Summer Car mods out there. It adds a whole Engine Control Unit for the car, including an ABS module, an ESP module, a TCS module, a mounting plate, cruise control, smart engine module, ECU info panel, a reversing camera, as well as fuel injection complete with a manifold, throttle bodies, injectors, an electric fuel pump, and a few other bits and bobs.

You can read everything this mod adds on its page linked below, but let me just say I downloaded this mod when first booting up the game and I haven’t looked back since. I love having switchable ESP and TC, as it means I can be a bit of a hooligan when I want to and turn everything on when I’m just cruising.

You also get the added benefit of playing around with the fuel injection (different fuel maps), and even set up your very own LAUNCH CONTROL. That’s right, this mod comes with a launch control function, which works exactly like you might think it does. You can set up your rpms and dump the clutch, taking off with maximum force each time.

It works best with AWD vehicles, though you can use it on almost anything. The reversing camera is a godsend too, especially for players who like to use the in-car camera for realism and aren’t fully confident in their reversing skills. Oh, this mod also comes with rain and light sensors.

If you had to get one mod from this entire article and one mod alone, you should definitely download DonnerTechRacing’s ECU mod, especially if you love to go fast. It provides over a dozen different functionalities all wrapped in one elegant package.

You can download it here.

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